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Saboteur laser weapon

"If looks could kill"
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EDITED TO COMPLY WITH INTERNATIONAL TREATIES: May be used to covertly damage/sabotage property. DO NOT USE to blind an adversary, cause skin burns, or other bodily harm. (Loris clause, added Dec 30 2020)

A pair of normal look eye glasses with pair of lasers built in, one along each temple. Wavelength should be outside normal visual range, and the lenses have safety filtering so you are never exposed to the beam or reflections. Tracking optics monitor where your eyes are focused. When you hit the trigger, the device aims both lasers to converge on the point you're looking at, firing short bursts, at whatever you are watching.

Non-descript wiring to the glasses looks like you're wearing a cellphone earpiece. Power supply and computational hardware fits in a backpack or briefcase. Trigger may be disguised as a cellphone, wristwatch, or even a ring.

Primary usage would be to infiltrate a crowd, do some damage, get away.

kdf, Dec 29 2020

Style options https://www.smoothr...es-fashion-outfits/
The Elton John collection [kdf, Dec 30 2020]

Or a more retro look https://bestclassic...Buddy-Holly-001.jpg
Buddy Holly [kdf, Dec 30 2020]

Subbuteo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subbuteo
[Voice, Jan 01 2021]


       Due to targeting issues for people with strabismus or other visual problems, candidates will be extensively screened before being issued this device.   

       Don't cross your eyes at the examiner.
kdf, Dec 29 2020

       The glasses wouldgive the game away. Can you fit this to contact lenses instead, to be more discreat?
pocmloc, Dec 30 2020

       I don’t think I can get an emitter small enough for that yet. Even though the glasses might be thicker, bigger than normal, the operator could blend into the crowd by affecting a kind of 70’s Elton John look. Or 1950’s Buddy Holly.
kdf, Dec 30 2020

       Just make them look like Bluetooth sunglasses, or video camera glasses.   


       The power demand's going to be quite high - but what about using them with a baseball cap, which can conceal a high capacity Li-ion battery ? Much more discreet. Control via a generic "phone camera" remote shutter device.   

       This could be advantageously used to surreptitiously take out surveillance cameras. Only small amounts of IR are needed to fry the CCD.
8th of 7, Dec 30 2020

       Did you really just say BASEBALL cap?
kdf, Dec 30 2020

       Zzzzzzzzzzzzz....... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... zzzzzzzzzzzzz... huh?
8th of 7, Dec 30 2020

       Anyhow... when you're awake again ... I was starting to say that blowing out a CCD using a wearable weapon is okay, except security folks will have ONE good image of you. The last one before the sensor burned out, but they'll know exactly who did it.
kdf, Dec 30 2020

       You could fit a small generator in a top hat.
FlyingToaster, Dec 30 2020

       Explicitly prohibited by the Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons - Protocol IV of the 1980 Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons.
Loris, Dec 30 2020

       Good point! Guess I’ll have to market it for destruction of property only. Then if it “incidentally” blinds anyone, Article 3 let’s me off the hook.
kdf, Dec 30 2020

       And you're going to enforce that exactly how ... ?   

       This isn't governments ... these can be knowledgeable, disruptive individuals, and they can do a lot of damage this way - particularly against law enforcement - before they're caught, if at all.   

       How many street cops even know what a laser diode looks like ?
8th of 7, Dec 30 2020

       I misread the title as “Subbuteo laser weapon” which also sounds like it should be an idea here
hippo, Dec 31 2020

       Indeed it should. Make it so !
8th of 7, Dec 31 2020

       Hippo - all yours. I don’t know anything about Subbuteo so I couldn’t write it up.
kdf, Dec 31 2020

       What, something you don't know anything about ? Heaven forfend !   


       Who are you, and what have you done with the real [kdf] ... ?   


       Well, we are pleased to point out that we know more about Subbuteo than you do. Well, one thing ... and that's the fact that you know nothing about it ...   

       <Shuffles away to indulge in cackling and smug, misanthropic gloating/>
8th of 7, Dec 31 2020

       Pretty sure there are more things I don't know about than things I do... but I don't really know.   

       That's why I look stuff up. Since lunch time I've learned a little bit about Subbuteo - some kind of tabletop soccer game. But you & Hippo certainly know more about it as you both had a head start.
kdf, Dec 31 2020

       Unfortunately, my knowledge of Subbuteo is confined to my memory of the lyrics of The Undertones’ “My Perfect Cousin” - “He always beat me at Subbuteo/ Cause he flicked the kick and I didn't know”
hippo, Dec 31 2020

       Then I guess it's up to 8th to write something on it. Hopefully he'll find it more interesting than b-------, otherwise he'll fall asleep mid- keystroke.
kdf, Dec 31 2020

       I don't have much familiarity with Subbuteo, but something always bugged me about it - and now I think I know what it was.
The players all look like they're wearing concrete overshoes.

       Maybe hasbro could make a 'legacy' version, involving the mafia - "dormi con i pesci, calciatore".
Loris, Dec 31 2020

       “Organised Crime Subbuteo” also sounds like it should be an idea here
hippo, Dec 31 2020

       I didn't know anything at all about subbuteo, so I looked it up. Found out that it also comes in a cricket version -- so I now know far less about it than I thought.
lurch, Jan 02 2021

       That’s a good observation: sometimes doing research into a topic increases the amount you don’t know about that topic
hippo, Jan 02 2021


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