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Screwdriver Key

A key with a screwdriver on the end
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Ever find you need to lever something up or undo a screw but don't have a screwdriver to hand? Do you like to have a nice neat keyring with no heavy extra fobs on it?

Now you can with Screwdriver Keys! It is simply a screwdriver, on the end of a key. Flat head for those cans of paint and screws or small cross head for fixing your glasses.

miasere, Jun 08 2006

Key Screwdriver example http://www.polymerc.../ScrewdriverKey.htm
http://www.polymerclayprojects.com/ScrewdriverKey.htm [monojohnny, Jun 08 2006]

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       Baked I think... but have a bun !
monojohnny, Jun 08 2006

       isn't this how you get into a car you fancy, that's not your own?..... a screwdriver that acts as a key.... but have another bun because it's Thursday and Thursday is a very happy day!
xenzag, Jun 08 2006

       It is indeed Thursday, and Thursdays are indead great.   

       This isnt the same as the link but I do realise there are keyring screwdrivers out in the real world.
miasere, Jun 08 2006

       Hey, it's Friday here already. So have a bun, mate.
methinksnot, Jun 09 2006

       Ah. I was thinking this was going to be a key with a cocktail on the end. Very dispappointed....
DrCurry, Jun 09 2006


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