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Scroll to end link

For scrolling-button impaired browsers
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Some browsers on touchscreen devices (Safari on IOS as one example) don’t have a way to jump to the bottom of a long page. Scrolling to the bottom of a well annotated HB idea just to see the most recent post is time consuming.

A link at the TOP of a HB page to “jump to end” would be helpful.

I've edited the original idea to move the javscript tricks to the links section. Both of them work for me but not for everybody - please let me know how either of them work (or don't work) for you.

a1, Jun 13 2021

body.scrollHeight https://www.w3schoo...nt_scrollheight.asp
The scrollHeight property returns the entire height of an element in pixels [zen_tom, Jun 14 2021]

Revised javascript:window.s...body.scrollHeight);
javascript:window.scrollTo(0,document.body.scrollHeight); [a1, Jun 14 2021]


       + I could use this
xandram, Jun 13 2021

       [xandram] Bookmark the javascript link I posted. Click it the next time you land on one of the long pages here and it should do the trick for you. Would just be nicer if it was built in to the site.
a1, Jun 13 2021

       Somehow I missed it on my original search, but someone suggested this in 2002 as well <link>. It got dissed then because most browsers of that era could easily jump to the end of a page. Perhaps it has more currency on touchscreens.   

       What iOS and Android browsers are NOT impaired in a like fashion to iOS Safari?
a1, Jun 13 2021

       When I press your link <Javascript bookmark> i get a blank screen with the number 938 in the top left hand corner. I have to refresh to get the idea back.
pocmloc, Jun 13 2021

       The other one gives me a blank screen with the number 2529
pocmloc, Jun 13 2021

       JavaScript bookmark link doesn’t work for me. But thank you
xandram, Jun 13 2021

       [xandram], [pocmloc] - it works in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on both my iPad and Macbook. What browser and device are you using?
a1, Jun 13 2021

       Firefox on ubuntu.   

       OK works in Chrome on ubuntu.   

       Firefox on Android gives me 5116 for the other idea and 1607 for this idea.   

       More interested as to why I get just the number!
pocmloc, Jun 14 2021

       I wonder if those numbers are return values showing the number of lines, pixels, or other units of page height? Do the numbers change if you make the window a different size? On your android device do your get different numbers in portrait vs landscape mode?
a1, Jun 14 2021

       Yes you must be right, the numbers are bigger with smaller browser windows.
pocmloc, Jun 14 2021

       Try the "Revised" link - if clicking it on this page works, book mark that link and it should work on any page.
a1, Jun 14 2021

       Thank you! That works!
pocmloc, Jun 14 2021

       Safari on iPad still doesn’t work for me. I have other options but this is what I use when I browse the hb. I have fire fox installed and will try opening with that. Thanks for your work
xandram, Jun 14 2021

xandram, Jun 14 2021

       [xandram], I'm surprised neither version worked for you on the iPad. What happens when you try? Nothing? An error message? Do you have any special content blockers installed? Have Javascript turned off in the browser (Settings / Safari / Advanced - Javscript has an on/off toggle)?
a1, Jun 14 2021

       Wow, it even works in Internet Explorer and Edge on a Windows 10 computer.   

       Now if you'll excuse me ... I have to go wash my hands and rinse my eyeballs off.
a1, Jun 14 2021

       <imagines [xandram] with an ultra secure OS, just humouring [a1] like a phisher on a hook/>
wjt, Jun 20 2021

       nothing, well actually it jumps, but gives me this page.   

       i have windows 10 on my laptop, but it’s so old i rarely use it.
xandram, Jun 20 2021


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