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Secondary Click for Mobile

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One problem with touchscreen devices is that there are less actions available than with a mouse, such as hovering over, and secondary-clicking. Most people with a mouse can use the secondary button (mine’s the left button, my right button is primary, my mouse or Magic Trackpad is operated by my left hand). With a phone or tablet, this option is gone.

What about a gesture such as place a finger onscreen somewhere inactive, below the point you want to secondary click on then tip the phone back then tap the element you want to secondary click. The tip-back action joins together two touch events.

Ian Tindale, Jun 03 2015


       Hmm. Many years ago, I added a sort of easter-egg to my site, where you can drag the logo around with the secondary mouse button. When I eventually viewed it on a touchscreen device, I was unsurprised to find the system was unusable as the only secondary click is a tap-and-hold affair. The menu pops up, and no dragging can occur. My fix (since it's important) was to only allow dragging from a secondary finger, and only if the first finger was not on a draggable item. It's quite hard to tell the difference between wanting to do this, and zooming. Accelerometer input may have simplified this.   

       But other than that specific example, tap-and-hold seems to do the job quite well.
mitxela, Jun 03 2015


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