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Self driving hat

3D imaging on your noggin
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The same technology that is used for driverless cars could also be used for personal transportation of the perambulatory variety.

By putting one lidar sensor in a hat, the wearer can wander about texting until a bluetooth message is sent from the hat and "Lamppost!" appears on the display in a red rectangle. Alternatively turn signals could be displayed to navigate round an obstacle.

Coupled with GPS, a smartphone user may never have to look upwards again! The system also meshes with driverless cars such that you will instantly be recognised as a person.

Since this is experimental tech a small orange led with reflector is attached to the rotating part of the lidar to make other pavement users aware.

bigsleep, Dec 17 2016


       I like this idea, so I voted for it. I think it could be improved with a mirror finish on the coiffure of the phone user. Then rather than a hat the phone could continuously monitor the reflections off the mirrorized hair of near area hazards.   

       Also the mirror finish on hair could just be at UV or IR so the hair would look normal.
beanangel, Dec 17 2016

       I think this hat needs to be attached to a powered exoskeleton.
Vernon, Dec 19 2016

       //powered exoskeleton//   

       Car ... lorry ... lamppost ... car ... alien - "loading karate program".
bigsleep, Dec 19 2016

       A brilliantly simple idea with a ready market in the fashion industry, although my concern is an old chestnut, in that hats, like wigs, blow off, and the type of person who engages in the hazardous activity of walking whilst smart- phone-using might be better served by a similar device implanted securely in the brain, preferably with a 3-inch nail, or similar.   

       But still it's a safer step in the right direction if your hat be secured by a reliable chinstrap. Tech-savvy Cowboys and Deerstalkers would be fine. Gumshoes and sports fans... mm, perhaps not.
Notes, Dec 22 2016


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