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Self heating can with agitator

Wind it up
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Self-heating cans are WKTE (ooh, so hard not to say "baked" there). Fine for liquids but not so much for thicker foodstuffs as heat doesn't conduct as well through viscous contents.

The solution could be a spring-wound agitator build into the base of the can, to shake or stir contents while heating. If it made a ticking noise while running, it could also server as a cooking timer, and perhaps trigger a security over reaction if used in the wrong place.

kdf, Oct 07 2020

Self heating can https://en.wikipedi...ki/Self-heating_can
[kdf, Oct 07 2020]

Inspired by a recent comment on an old idea Canned_20food_20microwave
See 8th of 7 comment from Oct 7, 2020 on heat diffusion [kdf, Oct 07 2020]


       I miss read this as Self Hating Can With Alligator!
xenzag, Oct 07 2020

       If you can train the alligator to shake it, why not?
kdf, Oct 07 2020

       Why not indeed ? Please demonstrate your trained alligator, and make it snappy ...
8th of 7, Oct 07 2020

       Oooh, I know how this could be done. Inside the food/drink compartment, you have a magnetic stir-bar, really just a plastic-coated magnet with a blob in the middle so it spins easily. In the heating compartment you have the magnetic driver, really just another magnet that couples through the divider to the stir-bar. The magnetic driver spins because it's attached to a wound-up clock spring. The clock spring is potted in wax before heating so it doesn't move. Once you activate the heater, the wax melts and the stirrer stirs.
bs0u0155, Oct 07 2020

       I like the idea of a pre-wound spring activated by heat.   

       My original idea was just to have the spring spin an unbalanced cam/weight, to make the whole thing shake while cooking. But I don't know how fast it would have to spin to get a good shake, so a stirring rod and something to regulate the unwinding might still be needed. And the escapement could make a worrisome tick-tick-tick noise while it's running.
kdf, Oct 07 2020

       Perfect for picket lines in winter. [+]
pertinax, Oct 08 2020


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