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The opposite of LinkedIn
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For people who find themselves not in the work loop any more, not part of a team, not part of a productive workgroup, not on a career progression, and not really interested in putting on a pretence of best behaviour in order to suck up to other bastards in the hope of favouring the lottery of them getting you a job according to their random whim.
Ian Tindale, Jan 21 2011


       Does somebody, who just e-mailed "wassup !!!" to the director of a very prestigious institution in search of an employee, qualify ? ... >_<
FlyingToaster, Jan 21 2011

       I disagree: By creating a new site you would be contributing to the Balkanisation of the internet and effectively making LinkedIn an even greater concentrated focus of ambitious, getting-ahead, career-focused borishness. It would be better to immerse the SeparatedOut membership in LinkedIn and thus dilute its "I've got a better job than you" greasy-pole culture.
hippo, Jan 24 2011

       I see what you mean, but it would involve tolerating the “best behaviour” show-off world of LinkedIn, while infiltration occurs.   

       I’ve always maintained that to proof against outside agents searching your moral and social integrity, everyone should “dirty up” their socnet accounts with a high degree of fake (or perhaps not) slutty evidence of disgraceful behaviour and thinking. If everybody did this, it would devalue such sources as reliable ways to pre-screen applicants, etc. LinkedIn is the exact opposite — portraying its members as squeaky clean desirable impressive upcoming sucky team-friendly mindslaves — suppressing anything that would ever tarnish this impression.
Ian Tindale, Jan 24 2011

       But I *am* a squeaky-clean desirable impressive upcoming sucky team-friendly mindslave. Just look at whom I hang around!
RayfordSteele, Jan 24 2011


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