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Single-cup coffee accessory kit

Grind beans, heat water - with limited counter space
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If you have a single-cup coffee maker* like a pour-over cone or Aeropress, you still need a coffee grinder and something to heat the water. This idea combines those into a space-saving kit. It consists of:

- A flat, circular base, 4-6 inches around, that plugs into an AC outlet. It provides power to the other parts.

- A coffee grinder just large enough to quickly grind (an amount of coffee appropriate for a single cup - see el_dueno annotation and my reply of 1/3/22). This is likely to be two ounces or less.

- An insulated container with heating element adequate to bring 8-12 ounces of water to a boil in a couple of minutes.

You'd place each of those items on the power base separately. Probably grind the beans first, then set up everything else on your coffee press while waiting for the water to boil.

Overall they'd need much less space on your kitchen counter - or office desk - or in your luggage - than a full sized grinder and kettle. To save space, the grinder could be stored inside the heating container when not in use.

If this idea seems too practical and unfunny for the halfbakery, feel free to picture it with lasers or nuclear powered heating elements.

* This excludes single-cup hotel-room drip machines, as well as Keurig and other "shitty tasting brown water makers."

a1, Dec 30 2021

Half litre electric kettle https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DMVV475/
Like this type of kettle plus a separate grinder that could be powered by the same base, and stored inside the kettle when not in use. [a1, Jan 01 2022]


       (Disclaimer: I'm not a coffee drinker, so I don't really get the "can't function unless blood is 25% caffeine" mentality...)
Having all the bits separate & using the same power base means you need to put the "other" bits somewhere while one is powered, taking up more valuable bench space.
I would stack everything vertically: grinder on top, press under, boiler under that, cup at the bottom.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 30 2021

       All-in-one thingies such as you describe exist, but they don't work very well and are hard to maintain. Not especially compact, either. The kit I'm describing would still have a size advantage compared to my Baratza Sette and the smallest electric kettle I can find.
a1, Dec 30 2021

       practical[-] coffee[++]
Voice, Dec 30 2021

       java ditto [+]
whatrock, Jan 03 2022

       I like the idea of having a grinder/coffee maker in one unit. What I don't like with this particular invention is that it describes the ability to grind 1 oz or 2 oz of coffee. This limitation would not include grinding any quantity less than 1 oz, or any quantity within 1 oz and 2 oz or anything quantity above 2 oz.
el dueno, Jan 03 2022

       [el dueno] I think it should be possible to game the system by, for example, adding a pebble or something to the hopper that would displace some of the beans but would be too big to fit down to the grinder (a bit like putting a brick in your toilet cistern); or by pulling the plug halfway through the grinding cycle; or by having a little tin on the counter top next to this contraption into which you can surreptitiously transfer a small amount of the grinds before they are ejected into the brewing device.
pocmloc, Jan 03 2022

       // I don't like with this particular invention is that it describes the ability to grind 1 oz or 2 oz of coffee //   

       I shall edit the description to reflect the ability to grind any volume of coffee up to an approximate weight of two ounces, without the need to place pebbles in the grinder in lieu of actual coffee beans.   

       As for getting an exact weight without also having to pack a scale in your luggage ... hmmm, I guess you'd need a scale at least once. Weigh beans of your favorite roast individually, adding one bean at a time and keeping track of how many it takes to fill the grinder. Work out an average weight per bean. Then in the future you would just have to count an appropriate number of beans into the grinder each time you used it.   

       Alternately, the grinder could have markings inside container for approximate weights or volumes. Not as interesting, that…
a1, Jan 03 2022

       Much better. I think its now perfect. Thank you for your positive response to my critique. When can we expect your invention to go public?
el dueno, Jan 25 2022


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