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Sleep cycling

Competitive sport involving cycling whilst asleep
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Competitors gain merit and score points for avoiding obstacles when asleep but still in the saddle. Much like wipe out but on a bike and allowing bed rest!
nessiehunter, Sep 29 2019


       I'm not sure I understand your concept. How do they use their legs to spin the wheels while asleep? What makes them do this, or want to? How does it not disrupt the sleep that our bodies require? So many questions, [nessie], so little time.
blissmiss, Sep 29 2019

       This idea brings to mind those electrical muscle stimulation machines that work you out as you sleep. There is much opposition to them for spurious reasons, the reason behind which is "if I have to suffer when I exercise everyone should", or "if it's unpleasant that makes it better for you"
Voice, Sep 29 2019

       This idea seems to have omitted the most important part, which is where the cyclist is struck and crushed by a fast-moving motor vehicle, subsequently dying a slow, ingnominious and hopefully very painful death at the roadside* as a punishment for obstructing traffic.   

       *It is permissible for the driver to reverse over the cyclist and kill them quickly should they be in a merciful mood.
8th of 7, Sep 29 2019

       [Voice], my thoughts exactly.
blissmiss, Sep 29 2019


       I couldn't tell you [bliss].   

       All I know is I've actually done this.   

       Though I got considerably less distance than the time I fell asleep at the wheel on the high street, judging from the the position of the parked police car (maybe 40 yards behind me when my forehead hitting the horn in the middle of the steering wheel (a fortuitous design feature you don't find in most modern cars) woke me), so given my last sight of it in front of me I may have travelled 100 yards or more.   

       Conversely, when I fell asleep on my cycle I probably didn't get more than 5 yards before I sailed into a ditch instead of going around the corner.
Skewed, Sep 29 2019

       Of course I did have one big advantage when I was driving over the time I was cycling.   

       The road was straight, no corner. So presumably the course to be navigated is an important consideration.
Skewed, Sep 29 2019


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