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Small book of illustrated sweet nothings

Small book of illustrated sweet nothings
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Nice colourful images and thick drool proof pages. Limited to but not excluding -

glazed donut holes

chocolate vermicelli void

fondant vacuums

a gap with a cherry on top

frosted bubbles

bigsleep, Apr 09 2021

Set of Highly Stable Amine- and Carboxylate-Terminated Dendronized Au Nanoparticles with Dense Coating and Nontoxic Mixed-Dendronized Form https://pubs.acs.or...cs.langmuir.8b03196
[Voice, Apr 09 2021]

Alginate bubbles https://kitchen-the...com/spherification/
[bs0u0155, Apr 09 2021]

BubbleLick https://www.coolthi...e-flavored-bubbles/
[Voice, Apr 09 2021]

Making and using sugar glass https://www.wikihow.com/Make-Sugar-Glass
[Voice, Apr 09 2021]

Sugar Bubbles https://www.cakecen...41980/sugar-bubbles
[Voice, Apr 09 2021]


       + halfbakedly lovely. please include mermaid hairstyles
xandram, Apr 09 2021

       mmm, Swiss Cheese Holes [+]
hippo, Apr 09 2021

       It's a nice idea.... which is why there are several variations already posted on the hb as a quick search for "scratch and sniff" will reveal.
xenzag, Apr 09 2021

       I was trying to find a nontoxic bubble formula but the internet has piles and piles of nothing about bubble making. It's all recipes and basic stuff for kids and no chemistry.
Voice, Apr 09 2021

       You can make bubbles from melted sugar if that helps.   

       Vacuum puffs
pocmloc, Apr 09 2021

       + Most of the volume in candy floss.   

       //find a nontoxic bubble formula//   

       Sodium alginate can be made to bubble then you can solidify it by adding soluble calcium, e.g. CaCl2. <link>
bs0u0155, Apr 09 2021

       Careless whispa, and a mint-chocolate aero - two cases of nothing tasting exceedingly sweet.
zen_tom, Apr 09 2021


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