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Smokey gets in your eyedrops

Co-opt blues music to advertise eye drops_
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Went to buy some eyedrops the other day and noticed how many are labeled "artificial tears." First thing that came to mind was " (Artificial) Tears of a Clown" - and free association went on to "The Tracks of my (Artificial) Tears."

Just redo some lyrics... and you have advertising jingles.

a1, May 05 2021

Fricken lasers https://www.mememak...ricken-laser-beams/
From eye surgery to Dr. Evil! [a1, May 07 2021]


       ....and the new halfbaked idea is?
xenzag, May 06 2021

       Specifically: Rewriting familiar/catchy songs that mention “tears” to help sell eyedrops. Not silly enough? Too trite? Was the original write up too wordy?
a1, May 06 2021

       artificial tears for artificial fears.   

       Remember that band Tears for Fears? Not quite a jingle just the title.
xandram, May 06 2021

       I'm not getting much past song titles either, it's hard to rework the lyrics. Maybe just playing the originals as background to people rubbing their eyes and using whatever brand of eyedrops you're selling...
a1, May 06 2021

       I worked in advertising and altering song titles was a familiar process.
xenzag, May 06 2021

       Yes, I was just looking at this one angle. That's the only glimmer of newness here.
a1, May 06 2021

       It would have been funner if it were about eyedrops that turn your eyes blue. Latisse makes eyelashes grow but had brown eyes as a side effect; the cell receptors Latisse effects can likely be effected with a drug that blocks them strongly or turns them off. This could possibly turn your eyes the opposite of brown, which might look hazel or blue.   

       They could even make a drug that makes you (voluntarily) grow pretty long eyelashes that turns your eyes blue or hazel. Just combine regular Latisse at a ratio of 20:1 with 20 parts of Latisse receptor blocker, the receptor is blocked 19 out of 20 times and you get blue or hazel eyes with long eyelashes.
beanangel, May 06 2021

       Many drugs will change blue eyes brown but I don’t know of any to go the other way. For that you can use colored contact lenses .. or …   

       - wait for it -   


       Yes, lasers have been used you destroy melanin in the iris to turn brown eyes blue. I don’t know if you can build a do-it-yourself kit for this sourced entirely from alibaba. But if you do, you might need some eye drops afterwards.
a1, May 07 2021

       Tech support? My laser won't frick. Am I using it wrong?
pertinax, May 07 2021

       There are some spelling variations - I find references to fricken as well as frickin.   

       But we all know what the frick it means either way, right?
a1, May 07 2021


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