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Spinning Moon

Undermine to show all the faces
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Currently people only see some of what the moon has to offer.

Hence, a hundred year plan has been built where ships laden with boring machines , dump trucks, and scoopers, land on the moon and excavate up to two kilometers under the face of the moon currently facing earth. The excess dust is trucked put of tunnels jettisoned into space by nuclear rockets, at an angle.

The result: the moon spins again, no longer locked with one face to show to earth. The removal of mass will also exhibit a slight decrease in tidal intensity, making up for lack of climate change mitigation.

mylodon, Nov 21 2022

Tidal locking - timescale https://en.wikipedi...l_locking#Timescale
You can't give it one quick and expect it to keep turning [a1, Nov 24 2022]


       Wouldn’t it be more cost and energy efficient to simply paint a changing series of picture on the Earth facing side? I also worry that so much digging and moving of material may change or even obliterate farside features people would want to see.   

       Robert Heinlein suggested a method for drawing advertising logos and propaganda on the lunar surface (by scattering coloured dust) in “The Man Who Sold The Moon” (1949) and the idea may go further back.
a1, Nov 22 2022

       Certainly you have more advertising space if the moon rotates.

       "LA-Y-Z BOYS"


       "50% OFF"
mylodon, Nov 22 2022

       Why not accelerate the earth so it travels around the moon instead?
pocmloc, Nov 22 2022

       Conceptually you could say the earth is travelling around the moon already, along with the sun and stars. But the moon keeps turning to face the earth. So the solution would need to be spin the moon. You can't avoid it!
mylodon, Nov 24 2022

       // you could say the earth is traveling around the moon //   

       Or that they both spin around the barycenter, the center of gravity of the combined pair. On a straight line drawn between the Earth’s and the Moon’s centers, that’s about 1000 miles below the Earth’s surface.   

       Giving your idea the serious consideration it clearly deserves - even if you could alter the moon’s spin, it would eventually become tidally locked again. Unless you either kept applying an angular force or moved it to a higher orbit.
a1, Nov 24 2022

       "eventually become tidally locked again" - the contract for this work includes running maintenance. It will be a fantastic civil works project, especially for people not wanted on earth.
mylodon, Nov 24 2022

       // The excess dust is trucked put of tunnels jettisoned into space by nuclear rockets, at an angle //   

       Suggested modification: Pack the dust (and rocks, etc) into steel canisters and launch them with a magnetic rail catapult instead of nuclear rockets. With solar power being good for a kilowatt per square meter you don’t need nuclear.   

       Heinlein (again, of course!) offered commercial and military uses for that in “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress.” Lunar materials could be useful and cheaply sent back to Earth that way. Or used for bombing your enemies.
a1, Nov 24 2022

       With a bit more work there is the makings of an excellent halfbaked idea here - full marks from me and one of my rare double crumb awards ++
xenzag, Nov 24 2022


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