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Spinning chair drinking game

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A swivel chair is placed in the center of a room, with the floor around marked with numbers like a clock face. Some alcoholic beverage agreeable to all is available, in great quantity.

In each round, every player takes a turn in the chair with their eyes closed (or blindfolded to prevent cheating). Others give the chair a good spin. When the chair stops, the player has to guess which number they are facing. Player who makes the BEST/closest guess on each round has to take a drink.

Winner is whoever can take the most turns, as individuals who pass out, puke, or become otherwise unable to proceed are eliminated from the game.

a1, Jun 07 2024


       prize is ... another drink.
a1, Jun 09 2024

       I call this the Mark Watney, because I'm gonna have to science the shit out of it! [+]
21 Quest, Jun 09 2024


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