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Squeaky Toy Edition

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[there’s a Culture: Book section, but no Culture: Film section, oddly]

Each new film that comes out in the pictures and then a few hours later, for the home viewer, should be made with a secondary soundtrack (which is fairly achievable these days). Many films feature “action” in which something or someone is being hit or shot or otherwise impacted, repeatedly, by someone or something else. Most of these impacts are accompanied by “hit” sounds, of varying unrealism but not varying much in volume or repetitive quality.

I suggest that a film should have an entire alternative soundtrack in which the hit points are replaced with a squeaky toy sound.

Ian Tindale, May 01 2016


       I'm pretty sure they've done this and they decided it didn't work. For instance, the versions of Tom and Jerry that usually get shown don't really do justice to Tarantino's original.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 01 2016


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