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Stairway to Irrigation

An Eventually Watering Modular Garden
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A garden divided into modular areas each similarly sized and about the size of an escalator stair step. Arrange the garden such that each module has a “home” in the whole garden plan. Each module is also a quadcopter.

When the garden reaches watering time, a module will ‘join’ a queue of garden steps and form an escalator, each slowly hovering up to meet a length of single dripping linear hose mounted a few metres high up. The hose has puncture holes running along a short length of it. The step at the top can hover ‘through’ the hose spray in one linear pass, then hover back down again, leaving the next step in line to pass through the drizzle.

The water comes from the water that was used for a shower or bath in the house, and whenever a shower is had, the water is temporarily held until a squadron of garden quadcopter modules form an escalator, and reach up to the height of the temporary water storage tank at bathroom height.

Ian Tindale, Apr 21 2016


       Yes, now that you describe it, it's astoundishing that this isn't generally done.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 21 2016

       "And she's buying a /temporary helicopter stairway / to heaven"
popbottle, Apr 23 2016

       Seems practicable alright, but the incessant buzzing of drones might become an Airway to Irritation.
AusCan531, Apr 24 2016

       If only there were a visual with this. I'm having trouble with the mental picture. But it sounds fantastic, I think.
blissmiss, Apr 24 2016


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