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Stealth Optometry

Instant prescriptions and eyeglass fittings
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You go to get new glasses, but have to wait a bit before the optometrist is ready to see you. While waiting (just a few minutes) you thumb through some magazines, check your phone, and glance at the TV.

When you get into the examining room, they hand you a pair of glasses. They fit perfectly, and already have lenses with the exact correction you need.


The waiting room is fitted with multiple hidden cameras. Not unlike the kind smartphones have for doing facial recognition - but with more sensors looking from more angles, and more computing power than will fit in your phone. In the few minutes you were waiting for your “exam,” lidar and ultrasound measured your corneas and retinas as well as your inter-pupil distance, width of your face and the bridge of your nose, and temple length. They also note how far from your face you held your phone or the magazine you were reading, or if had to squint while watching the telly. This let the clinician snap together and adjust a set of frames and lenses to confirm the details, so all you really need to do is pick out a frame style you like and hand over your money.

Inspired by real world phone apps that already measure face width and inter-pupil distance, I don’t think this is too far off. Except eventually you might not need to go for a fitting - the whole exam/sensor package WILL fit into your phone.

a1, Aug 12 2022

clothes fitting / robot tailoring https://www.mtailor.com/how-it-works.html
[a1, Aug 12 2022]


       High tech!   

       As a bonus, they would also collect your cell phone PIN and/or a negative image of your thumbprint, the apparent cleanliness of your hands and clothing, what shirts you wear, whether you shave daily, facial expressions when viewing scenes on the telly, etc and sell those data bits to the appropriate buyers, all to pay for the new fitment sensor package.   

whatrock, Aug 12 2022

       Combine with clothes fitting for robot tailoring of made-to-measure garments
pocmloc, Aug 12 2022

       // clothes fitting for robot tailoring of made-to-measure garments //   

       Exists (link). Still some bugs to work out but contour measuring a whole body is considerably easier for a cellphone camera than mapping a cornea.
a1, Aug 12 2022

I've always thought optometry is a bit too subjective ("Can you read this line? How about now?")
It's the 21st Century! Surely it can all be measured & evaluated in a more precise way, what with MRI & ultrasound & fancy cameras & all that being available.
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 14 2022


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