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Store Energy In The Sea

The sea, in landfill, in hedgerows, wrapped around animals, everywhere in fact.
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It occurs to me that one of the densest forms of stored energy isn’t batteries, isn’t petrol, isn’t coal, but is something much more modern and trendy – thermoplastic resin (that’s “plastic” to you and …well, you).

A minor and almost imperceptible trend has already begun, which is to package goods up in plastic packaging, which takes a significant amount of energy to produce, and in turn contains a significant amount of further energy if it were considered as a fuel and correctly processed to release this energy.

Quite shrewdly, it seems that evolution is selecting for storing energy by squirrelling it away here and there tucked away in landfill, or ferreting it away by releasing it into the sea where it will be pulverised into smaller and smaller particles (stopping short of the quark).

This could be a tremendous boon, as future generations thank us for leaving this inheritance of lots and lots of spare densely stored energy all over the place, more or less ready to use. The release process is surely an obviously simple and effective one, which those future generations are unlikely to be too stupid to realise, one would hope. And if they don’t, it doesn’t matter, an even futurer generation down the line would probably suddenly collectively slap their cheeks as they realise the simple and effective methodology involved in releasing all this gifted energy that our current and prior generations have gifted them.

Ian Tindale, Mar 16 2019

Hire the guys who made this commercial. https://www.youtube...watch?v=hoOfIR4Vk1o
"Because at the International Plastics Coalition, we care." [doctorremulac3, Mar 16 2019]


       You might have saved the environment with one simple idea.   

       I'd like to see the concept sold in one of those "We're doing our part" style commercials brought to you by The United Plastics Industry or something. Show "valuable energy commodities" being "stored" in parks, on beaches, show a seagul with a plastic ring around it's neck giving a thumb's up and smiling. (feather up?)   

       Clever. [+]
doctorremulac3, Mar 16 2019

       I'm doubtful that significant amounts of energy can be stored as plastics in the sea. In marked contrast, though, seawater itself stores vast amounts of energy that could be tapped simply by drilling holes in the bottom, installing turbines, and allowing the water to run through them.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 16 2019

       I sometimes wonder* whether oil and gas fields are just prehistoric landfill.   

       * Not really.
bigsleep, Mar 16 2019

       I sometimes wonder* whether oil and gas fields are just food stores for evolving bacteria. Of course, plastic is a set back and will need a few more evolutionary steps.   

       * A couple of times and now.
wjt, Mar 16 2019

       Interesting* to think we might eventually end up as oil to meet the fuel and lubrication needs of future Earth citizens. Maybe they'll have my picture on the can smiling and giving thumbs up. "Earth Male 2020 Brand Zlazmatronic Oil."   

       Hope I end up being fuel to power the engine of some massive Earth moving machine and not some kind of sex lubricant for disgusting future Earth creature butt* sex.   

       * Not really.   

       *Or whatever it is they have.
doctorremulac3, Mar 16 2019

       ^ Or both. Massive complex machines, entwined, making the earth move.
wjt, Mar 17 2019

       I just don't want to end up being smeared all over some smulekulon's svuluput and getting stuck into a hot volmazik.
doctorremulac3, Mar 17 2019

       You won't know, The real stuff that makes you who you are will be on another existence doing your unique brand of halfbakery work.
wjt, Mar 17 2019


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