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TF Apparel

C'est bonne, c'est chic, cette une cage au faraday.
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TF Apparel is a clothing line where every item of clothing has a conductive metal liner.

Since the advent of neurological implants at birth and antennas laid next to the spine, the cheap tin foil hat of the past is rapidly becoming obsolete.

Start your TF Apparel wardrobe today with our spring/summer collection of formal wear and raincoats, or for the beach a 20's style full body swimsuit.

bigsleep, Mar 27 2018


       Not an early adaptor, myself, but at some point ...
normzone, Mar 28 2018

       We can offer a fully integrated metallized composite exoskeleton at a very reasonable rate.   

       Obviously it involves being Assimilated into the Collective, so you'd lose any trace of your individual personality, but in your case that's not actually any sort of a loss ...
8th of 7, Mar 28 2018

       Static electricity must really be the bane of the borg’s existence.
RayfordSteele, Mar 31 2018


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