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Take my marbles and go home

Offline or online personal archive of HB ideas
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What: A service that could retain a snapshot archive of one's halfbaker's profile, to include all of their own ideas and other's that they've annotated. Archive.org's wayback machine kinda works but it's not comprehensive or easy to search.

Why: Sometimes people choose to delete their HB accounts. The "destroy" option is pretty drastic as it deletes the profile, ideas, annos, etc. But just because someone is no longer interested in posting or hearing further comment on their ideas, doesn't mean they wouldn't want to keep them for reference.

It should be possible to do. The late, lamented 8th of 7 apparently kept a very detailed archive of every keystroke entered on HB. At the very least he could gleefully catch people out if they edited their annos in any substantial way, What else he might have done with it is a matter of conjecture.

As not everyone has access to their own Borg Cube / Sphere, there might be a business / service opportunity.

a1, Aug 23 2021

Ian_20Tindale [xenzag, Aug 23 2021]

Soup Dragon in full voice https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oIw7E-q-flc
without the Soup Dragon there would be no soup wells and the Clangers would be very hungry [xenzag, Aug 25 2021]

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       Good idea. I'm not sure what to do with mine when I reach the 1500 mark. I have considered emptying it by deleting ten ideas at a time, like a sort of speeded up hour glass in reverse, until it's all gone.
xenzag, Aug 23 2021

       [xenzag], I was thinking specifically of you when I posted that. Despite how often we've disagreed - in both my current manifestation and prior ones - I'd hate to lose access your ideas. But for your own sake, wouldn't YOU miss having all that history at hand?
a1, Aug 23 2021

       I have print outs of all my ideas, and generating more isn't a problem. It's what I do. There are a few extreme Trump supporters here now and I really don't want the poison of that association and simply not being here is an effective solution. On other platforms like Instagram you can simply block them.
xenzag, Aug 23 2021

       I save the whole website every now and then. It's surprisingly large given that it's largely text. Still, storage is cheap and (historically, if not currently) getting cheaper, So when I remember, I back it up to my server.
bs0u0155, Aug 23 2021

       How large? And how do you do it?   

       I'm not likely to take my marbles and go home any time soon, but if I did I'd only want the subset of my own ideas and any other's upon which I had commented.
a1, Aug 23 2021

       Rem the great Ian Tindale.... he deleted his whole account which was full of wonderful ideas. (link)
xenzag, Aug 23 2021

       //How large? And how do you do it? //   

       Can't remember, it's in the 10's of GB maybe? I'm running one now so I'll know tomorrow. I use HTTRack.
bs0u0155, Aug 23 2021

       Deleting an entire idea is annoying (IMHO), but deleting a whole account is worse, due to the "swiss cheese" effect in the annotation streams. If some-one chooses to leave, leaving their "footprint" & just walking away would be preferable; not just for the rest of us, but this website is a remarkable archive of ideas & discussions (some quite prescient), & deserves to be retained for the future.
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 23 2021

       OK, so I mirrored the HB overnight, it's not so huge, just ~1.05GB or so. At some point I should automate this to run every 6 months or so, but that goes on a fairly long to-do list, just after "Learn Portuguese".
bs0u0155, Aug 24 2021

       I don't even like that it's possible to delete all of one's own posts and ideas. Information wants to be free.
Voice, Aug 25 2021

       This is the only site I've ever seen where you have the choice to take your stuff and just go. Nowhere else on the internet as far as I've been able to determine allows this.   

       Rather amazing actually...   

       [2 fries] I agree that it is amazing - it is a privilege to be allowed to play in Jutta's great garden of ideas.   

       It is bewildering when an idea gets decimated by deleted comments or erased completely, when there might have been some favourite wit and wordplay there. I felt that with the loss of [Ian Tindale] - and likewise others.   

       It's easy to see it as selfish, that people "shouldn't do that" - but we are gifted an astonishing level of freedom here by the Creator.   

       On most forums/social media etc, the moment you hit OK you words are no longer your words - it's all just "content", fodder for advertising algorithms, clickbait and misrepresentation.   

       This is a special place for the absence of that - like a dappled wooded grove next to a cool stream, in contrast to the crazy motorway pile-up that is elsewhere.   

       So - to copy/archive or not. I actually like the idea. I think in a few decades digital archaeology will be a thing, and this site will be like a kind of rosetta stone or magna carta
Frankx, Aug 25 2021

       Agreed. For me the halfbakery was transformational. I have always been a generator of ideas, but many had no appropriate platform of expression so I started bringing them here and never stopped. I post another different stream unto Instagram, but these are 90% visual and have a different audience. The halfbakery deserves an award, but I always fear that like a special unique place, undue publicity will bring unwanted extra attention. We are mostly troll free, and totally ad free and long may it last. All hail to The Soup Dragon!
xenzag, Aug 25 2021

       Other sites do allow the deletion of all your content; for example I believe Flickr does (whereas Facebook probably doesn't ever delete anything). I support the ability to delete accounts here as it reinforces the contributor's ownership of the content they've generated even though, because this is a collaborative site, it leaves untidy holes.

Another unique feature of the Halfbakery is the unchanging user interface (although I've been here long enough that when I arrived there were still occasional tweaks being made to the UI); I can't think of anything else on the internet that has stayed looking the same for so long.
hippo, Aug 25 2021

       Public stuff usually slowly gets deleted if no cares enough to remember. But if some else cares, forcing the deletion of public stuff is immoral. Hiding/removing stuff just makes a person the same clay as everyone else.   

       If it is public, live with it. Be proud to show the difference of the moment.   

       Although, this idea could be done with a covering of Halfbakers, whom could pull an old machine from the cupboard and OS it with a cron job and a scrapper parametrized with some chosen category(s). But really should not be needed.   

       Just in case, bags not Halfbakery: Other.
wjt, Aug 31 2021


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