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Taser Round Hunting Rifle

Use Taser rounds in hunting and phase out lethal ammo
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I remember reading that taser rounds were being developed for police use. Why not use taser rounds for hunting. No more gut shots or tracking a wounded animal through the bush as it slowly bleeds out. The round incapacitates the beast long enough for you to approach and slit it's throat with a Bowie knife like a real hunter, or if you prefer, to pose for selfies with the twitching creature before allowing it to recover and return to the wild. With the less-than-lethal selfie posts sweeping the internet, everyone will want a taser gun and as the technology is accepted, less-than-lethal-taser-weapons for personal defense become available. A massive portion of the population armed with taser weapons offers security and little chance of irreversible muck-ups.
LimpNotes, Oct 06 2015

Electrolaser https://en.wikipedi...g/wiki/Electrolaser
[LimpNotes, Oct 18 2015]


       I'm pretty sure a Taser round that could take down a moose or bear would be lethal for a human or deer. And vice versa (well, lethal once the ticked off moose or bear gets through with you).
MechE, Oct 06 2015

       You could presumably set the voltage delivered by each round. Of course, trying to tweak that dial as it leaves the barrel would be tricky.   

       More problematic is that taser rounds only have a range of a few tens of yards.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 06 2015

       [MechE] A high voltage is necessary, but pulse frequency is more important in affecting effectiveness. I am making an assumption that the nervous systems of organic things have similar pulse frequencies at which they short out. But if they do not, different ammo can be sold for each beastie. Also, the hunting rounds are for hunting and the personal defense rounds are for personal defense.

[Max] Current wireless taser rounds have that range because they are shotgun rounds that have a battery on-board. The technology isn't perfect but I think it could get there. Work being done on building capacitor-based rounds and I'm guessing these could be made small enough to fit a large caliber rifle. I also think a charging system could be developed that would result in the barrel charging the projectile as it is fired.
LimpNotes, Oct 06 2015

       //Why not use taser rounds for hunting?// Why not stay at home instead and chew on the valves pulled out of the back of an old television instead?
xenzag, Oct 07 2015

       [xenzag] I have no valid counter to your excellent point, except to say that old tube TV's are getting hard to find. The idea here is for a less-than-lethal technology that can be used in lethal ways, in hopes of fading out truly lethal technology altogether.
LimpNotes, Oct 07 2015

       As opposed to [xen]'s idea of using lethal technology in non-lethal ways.
absterge, Oct 07 2015

       //a very good reason//

Duh. Selfies

To be honest. Much of this was perhaps satirically written. I do not hunt, I do not take selfies, I don't even own a gun. But with my brother (a veteran) shooting himself earlier this year, and an elderly friend getting shot dead the other day while arguing with one of his daughter's lovers, I might be a bit bitter when people sum up these incidents by blaming the gun, or using these deaths as their soapbox to promote gun-regulation. There is so much more going on in these cases.

In the meantime, an alternative ammunition that incapacitates without killing sounds rather interesting to me.
LimpNotes, Oct 07 2015

       /a Taser round that could take down a moose or bear /   

       An interesting question. I heard once that cows are more sensitive to electricity than humans, and thus it is that an electrified fence repels cows with a shock that feels to me less annoying than a barb on barbed wire. Maybe it is that cows have tough hides and so anything that gets thru must be bad business; humans have thin hides and stuff gets thru all the time.   

       Limpnotes your sentiments in posting this were echoed in a "rubber bullets for all" scheme that I posted once. You could tote your piece, wave it around, fire it in the air at New Years without the risk of killing folks.
bungston, Oct 07 2015

       //with a shock that feels to me less annoying than a barb on barbed wire//   

       Have you ever touched an electric fence and the ground at the same time? Trust me, that shock is a lot more palpable than the one you get from touching the fence alone while wearing rubber soled shoes.
MechE, Oct 07 2015

       I have learned to stay well clear of the fence during my alone touching time.
bungston, Oct 07 2015

       And your thing for rubber soled shoes ?   

       Distance tasers for combat are well preheated in many a science fiction story.
normzone, Oct 10 2015

       Take a large capacitor, charge it up, and pack it in your shotgun cartridge. Instant deer taser.
Cuit_au_Four, Oct 10 2015

       Needs some pulsing circuitry in there too.
LimpNotes, Oct 10 2015

       The high voltage is to establish current when there is not direct contact with the electrode. 20 mA DC will clamp your heart arm to arm. AC can induce fibrillation at lower levels as it can interfere with heart pacing.   

       If the skin is pierced by both electrodes very little voltage is needed. Lick a 9 volt battery (and remember the skin is not broken in this test) and see what I mean.
Kirk, Oct 17 2015

       That brings up the question of less-than-lethal ammunition that could act as lethal ammunition. A capacitor like bb that can deliver a lethal charge and appropriate voltage and thereby kill without penetrating.
LimpNotes, Oct 18 2015

       Set tasers to stun?
Voice, Oct 18 2015

       Holy cow they are doing it! An ionizing laser that carries the current and pulse to the target. <link>
LimpNotes, Oct 18 2015


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