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Tattoo Ageing app

Shows how your proposed tattoo will warp over time
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A phone app onto which you can load a pic of your proposed or existing tattoo/s along with a photo of the body part on which you want it/already have it, which then shows what the tattoo will look like in say, 5, 19 or 25 years time. Eg a dolphin on your trim teenage buttocks might begin to look like a Beluga whale after a few years/pints/quarts etc....
Edie, Jan 18 2018


       As it happens, you're right - I do have trim teenage buttocks

And welcome to the Halfbakery!
hippo, Jan 18 2018

       Fortunately, I have the body of a teenager. If the police find it I'm screwed.   

       But yes, an excellent idea - potentially even a WTAGIPBAN. Welcome, indeed, to the Halfbakery, and enjoy this [+].
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 18 2018

       //Fortunately, I have the body of a teenager// - someone will notice all the formaldehyde that's gone missing
hippo, Jan 18 2018

       Yes - welcome ici mr/ms Edie. Somehow the idea seems familiar, and may be here already somewhere. (possibly as an annotation?) I'm far too busy and important to allocate any time to looking for this, but a lesser minion might volunteer to be sent forth to burrow into the HB archive. Do I see your hand raised Mr Max? Excellent - good dog - fetch! [notice you ate Edie's only croissant crumb]
xenzag, Jan 18 2018

       Ignore [xen] - she suffers from Being French Syndrome.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 18 2018

       Clever dog.... Barks in text.
xenzag, Jan 18 2018

       Don't mind them. Just a bit of spill over from halfbickery sloshing onto your fine idea.   

       Side note, my wife has a small tattoo of Mickey Mouse riding a Harley.
It used to be a sportster, but now its a fat-boy with a flat tire. (+)

       Ok, call me max underdog minion, but I looked and it has been done, outside the halfbakery.... But maybe it could be improved upon, by adding an extended feature to the app that allows one to factor in all kinds of possible damage to tattoos, such as surgery scars, amputations, dog bites, acne, and shaving accidents, to name a few.
Edie, Jan 20 2018

       I think "amputations" would be the low-hanging fruit in that software development route.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 20 2018

       i see this thread has been cut off and cauterised
Edie, Mar 01 2018


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