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Tea Party Mad Libs

For the upcoming election season
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I'm sorry if you are upset about [[latest proposal]] and that you think we should just [[keep it the same]][[repeal the latest proposal]]. Of course your idea of pursuing the course of [[keep it the same]][[repeal the latest proposal]] seems logical because it:

a. seems to make the most sense on it's face
b. it's how it has always been done
c. is how it is currently being done

However the [[latest proposal]] was based on empirical information from [[keeping it the same]] that led a people to believe that [[keep it the same]] was not working for the majority. However, it is possible that this empirical information that lead to the [[latest proposal]]

a. was not relevant to you
b. didn't make sense to you
c. made sense to you, but was nothing you couldn't personally handle

and thus it didn't make sense why [[keeping it the same]] wouldn't work for everybody. Because this may cause cognitive dissonance you may also have thought that:

a.there may not be a problem after all
b.there is a conspiracy
c.that people should have more integrity/determination/will power

However, we can assure you that these solutions have been considered, and the reason that [[keeping it the same]] is not viable for a majority of the people is because of:

a.human nature
c. economics

We hope that you can see that if [[keeping it the same]] does not work for a majority of people, though it may work for you, that it should be changed so that a majority of people can benefit. While there may be some learning and change involved, if the [[latest proposal]] is successful, both you and everyone else will benefit. If the [[latest proposal]] is not successful, than we will remember that you told us that [[keep it the same]][[repeal the latest proposal]] was the correct idea and in retrospect, we should have listened to you.
leinypoo13, Sep 13 2012

not OMRLP for USians then. http://www.omrlp.com/
[po, Sep 14 2012]

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       This is not nearly as clever as you fancy it to be.   

       [marked-for-deletion] advocacy
ytk, Sep 13 2012

Alterother, Sep 13 2012

       It's passing clever. I would like to see the converse too.
bungston, Sep 13 2012

       I am just trying to think the best way to concentrate and distill my overwhelming disbelief of reactionary conservatism in this country. And also how liberals feed this process by calling conservatives stupid and ill-informed. Sometimes...sometimes...man it's rough.
leinypoo13, Sep 13 2012

       If there's one thing that's truly, truly annoying about elections, it's that sometimes the other side wins.
theircompetitor, Sep 13 2012

       the rest of the world better hope not
leinypoo13, Sep 13 2012

       I don't think you and I mean the same by "the other side", which illustrates the point, while making your statement a truism :)
theircompetitor, Sep 13 2012

       [-] Foreign politics.
Wrongfellow, Sep 14 2012

       [-] Foreigners in general.
pocmloc, Sep 14 2012

       [-] anyone who's not from around here.   

       And [-] frothing ignorant parrot-mouthed Tea-Baggers, right-to-lifers, all-guns-are-bad advocates, creationists, nationalists, communists, people who don't understand a simple concept after the third explanation, bad writers, railroad CEOs, people from Cape Cod, people who grow lousy weed and try to pass it off as Cambodia Kush, earmarking congressmen, everyone named 'Mit', Keanu Reeves, Beltway lobbyists, and teleporting deer. All of the people on that list can just eat shit and die. Next subject, please.
Alterother, Sep 14 2012

       Next subject: people who can eat shit and not die.
calum, Sep 14 2012

       Today on "Interesting People" we have a person who can eat shit and die... (audience applauds) a person who can eat shit and not die... (applause) and lastly, a person who can die and NOT eat shit. (Boos)   

       We'll be right back with our panel after these messages.
doctorremulac3, Sep 14 2012

       People are f[ ]d on both sides and should just stock up on edible vaseline.
4and20, Sep 14 2012

       Although this idea is born out of frustration, I think it is an interesting conundrum. What is the best way to get someone whose instantaeous behavior --> reward, (due to real or the perception of insecurity) is on a very short time scale (days or weeks) and move that to a longer time scale? Most liberals impatiently say learn! But learning takes security, and there is sort of a positive feedback loop there once the ball gets rolling. Does it always just take time? Is once the brain wired 2-8 yrs old that's it? Isn't faith based on a non-sensical mythology, actually the best mechanism to get this to happen?
leinypoo13, Sep 14 2012

       // What is the best way to get someone whose instantaeous behavior --> reward is on a very short time scale and move that to a longer time scale? Does it always just take time? //   

       Time, patience, and the subject's willingness to change. The only other viable option is concentration camp-style 're-education', which is more akin to brainwashing than the result I think you're looking for.   

       // Is once the brain wired 2-8 yrs old that's it? //   

       No. Human beings reconfigure their neural structure all the time. Some of us have even figured out how to do it at will (start your journey by googling 'metacognition').   

       // Isn't faith based on a non-sensical mythology //   

       Some faith is based on very sensible mythology.   

       // Isn't faith based on a non-sensical mythology actually the best mechanism to get this to happen? //   

       No. Several thousand years of religion-motivated warfare (none of them ultimately resolved to the long-term satisfaction of the victor) demonstrate quite aptly that you cannot successfully fight faith with faith.
Alterother, Sep 14 2012

       [Alterother] It's interesting, because I always argue to atheists or agnostics that their learned behavior is religious behavior passed down through the generations. Thus their ability to rationally perceive the world is dependent on religious behavior (at one point probably based on a non-sensical mythology) which gave them (or more likely their children) the economic security to learn and perceive the world rationally. I would argue that faith (or religion=faith + mythology) does a lot more good for the world through this mechanism, than bad (i.e wars-suicide bombings etc) and that agnosticism, ironically, is the goal of religion, it's like graduating to reality.
leinypoo13, Sep 14 2012

       I never said religion andor faith were bad things. Granted, organized religions of virtually all shapes and colors have, at times, led to war, genocide, and destruction on unbelievably massive scale, but they have also provided countless billions of people with the metaphysical comfort and security needed to survive in this big bad world, not to mention all of the selfless philanthropy and great works of art and architecture. I think religion is great, as long as it's not being rammed down my throat.   

       To a certain extent, however, I believe that Marx was right about organized religion. Taken in the wrong direction, religion can be used to oppress and subjugate huge numbers of people, bending their will to serve and empower the ambitions of a select few. The Tea Party is a perfect example of this.
Alterother, Sep 14 2012

       I agree.
leinypoo13, Sep 14 2012

       Good, because I'd hate to have to declare Holy War against you.   

       Just for the record, I'm not an athiest.
Alterother, Sep 14 2012

       You might not be athiest, but I bet you're considerably athier!
pocmloc, Sep 14 2012

       How much are you willing to wager? Just because I don't believe in the literal existence of capital-G God or any of the popular equivalent deities doesn't mean I'm not a deeply spiritual person.
Alterother, Sep 14 2012

       Sorry, I was talking about dieties. With my non-facietous hat on I think you are quiet right.
pocmloc, Sep 14 2012

       //I was talking about dieties//   

       Are those what you go on when you need to lose a few poundies?
ytk, Sep 14 2012

       Well, this thread ended quite nicely. Cheerio Mates!
leinypoo13, Sep 14 2012

       This is also the best policy for our country because it is [modern | traditional] and is [how they do things | not how they do things] in [country name].
hippo, Sep 14 2012

       That's certainly how we do it here at the 'Bakery. It seems to work okay.
Alterother, Sep 14 2012


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