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Telluric Clock

For the long term
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An Earth Battery makes use of existing Telluric Currents, which are diurnal and ELF, flowing to the equator on the daylight side of the Earth and flowing to the poles on the night side.

The extremely low frequency of the current source can be leeched in a robust arrangement to contribute to a stored power source, and the day synchronisation could be used to reliably and repeatedly perform a whole action per day. This action should have stigmergic properties and have great longevity, such as altering the formation of metal depositions or other such long lasting artefacts.

Thus, a clock could be constructed which (continental drift permitting) could last way into the future and pinpoint certain events such that distant future civilisations could more accurately synchronise their picture of developmental history.

If left alone, the Telluric Clock simply marks the passing of each day by continually building the artefact, and whenever an important thing occurs we may influence the deposition pattern (perhaps over a year or decade or more) to encode the correlation between the time and the event we hope to communicate.

Ian Tindale, May 12 2018

https://en.m.wikipe...ki/Telluric_current [Ian Tindale, May 12 2018]

Foucault's Pendulum https://en.wikipedi...ucault%27s_Pendulum
For real swingers. [8th of 7, May 12 2018]

Slow Perturb https://youtu.be/9lj8vmp15fc
Track 7 of my album Electric Ian, and the lyrics of this track are about Earth Batteries and Telluric Currents, polar geomagnetic day and night dynamics. [Ian Tindale, Oct 13 2018]

Electric Ian by Ian K Tindale https://distrokid.c...ow/ianktindale/emfN
The aforementioned album of which the track above is track 10 of, for it is he. [Ian Tindale, Oct 13 2018]


       We detect the faint Eco of someone else's idea here … will it use a Foucault's Pendulum ?   

8th of 7, May 12 2018

       I read somewhere that the American mains power frequency of 60 Hz is very close to a natural harmonic of the Earth's resonant frequency (Schumann resonance).   

       If this is true, it should be possible for other countries to steal energy from America, by tapping it out of this resonant mode and letting their power grid replenish it.
Wrongfellow, May 12 2018

       We already harvest energy from your planet by extracting it from the field generated by core rotation, like a massive homopolar generator.   

       Sorry about the accelerated pole reversal … you'll probably get over it.   

8th of 7, May 12 2018

       I personally don’t object to all the poles being over here instead of in Poland.
Ian Tindale, May 12 2018

       The good thing about living near a lot of Polish people is that everything is shinier
pocmloc, May 12 2018

       Few people appreciate that the East pole is in England.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 12 2018

       th of 7:- What was your link about? Looks like a bunch of fiction to me.
Ian Tindale, May 12 2018

       Don't challenge [8th] on that one, [Ian]. He really knows Foucault.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 12 2018

       But is there any relevance whatsoever to telluric currents?
Ian Tindale, May 12 2018

       This is the Halfbakery, [Ian].
MaxwellBuchanan, May 12 2018

       "Telluric currents" are a significant plot element in one of the later sections of the book.   

       Incidentally, we have always thought it would be suitably ironic if a Foucault's Pendulum were to be suspended from the ceiling of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, in a suitably central and unavoidably obvious location in the eyeline of the officiating clergy, the graticule above which it swings being simply inscribed with the usual radial markings and the text "EPPUR SI MUOVE".   

       This might serve to remind them of the proven fallibility of their institution.
8th of 7, May 12 2018

       Now, if he'd said "EPPUR SI RUOTA", he'd've had something.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 12 2018

       He did have something; a offer of a free burning-at-the-stake and a ride in a tumbril thrown in.
8th of 7, May 13 2018

       Nope, that book is just fictional bollocks, and has nearly nothing to do with actual telluric currents. This idea refers to the real telluric currents that are identifiable, measurable and produce actual work that can be used (for example, in an Earth battery). There’s nothing mystical or weird-shit woo-woo about them, they’re just a macro-scale phenomena that happens all the time, much like sunlight or tides or continental drift.
Ian Tindale, Jun 02 2018

       It's a little know fact that "Uber" is an anagram of "tumbril", if you take a few letters out and add some others.   

       Anyway Foucault's Pendulum is a good read and all this telluric stuff has given me an idea...
not_morrison_rm, Jun 02 2018

       It might well be a good read but it has no place polluting the annotations of this idea.
Ian Tindale, Jun 02 2018

       Telomeres don't have Telluric currents, do they?   

       Sometimes it's funny/strange to compare the title of the last and first idea of the day randomised by annotation. This idea was sitting with PersonalReviews.
wjt, Jun 05 2018


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