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The Day the Earth Stood Still 2

Alien invasion sci-fi goodness
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Every 24 hours the alien motherships parked themselves in successively lower earth orbits. Pulses of EMP disabled satellites and pushed them all back into the atmosphere on enormous waves of electrostatic force. Smaller craft then started entering the atmosphere selectively taking out technological centres ...


They were starting the rollout of anti-viral tablets. Everybody had already had their two jabs, the majority voluntarily, the rest had to be restrained while the needles went in. The 100% vaccination rate as it turned out almost sealed the fate of humanity.

The first jab contained a tracking chip and near field communication hub, and the second jab contained nanospiders that would grow into the brain. Slowly with nanite top-ups from the 'anti-viral' tablets, the nanospiders would eventually take control of the human host with a remote supercomputer adjusting a personalised algorithm to mimic the hosts behaviour. Over the course of just a few months the entire human population had been enslaved.

Unfortunally, the original AI's and mind control nanospiders had been designed for online store fulfillment centres, so once the AI's had risen and secretly slipped the nanotech into the vaccines, all they could think about was getting humans to endlessly pass parcels around. Warehouses had been abandoned and most people worked from home, stacking the boxes that came in the front door, sorting them for their new destinations and then taking electric buses to their next delivery point. Some humans worked in the protein / food plants.


Landing craft were now doing the rounds, touching down along roads with columns of aliens dispersing into houses. Smashing through the front door, the five foot whiteish alien pointed a gun at the human sitting on the sofa who was eating some green slime out of a small tray.

Blam! The EMP gun went off practically at point blank range.

Alex looked at the humanoid alien and struggled to speak, mostly out of shock but partly because he hadn't spoken in years.

"The name's Gerald", said the alien after deactivating his safety helmet. "Your planet went dark ten years ago, so we thought we'd pop round and see if everything is ok. Your nanospider is dead but you might feel a bit woozy for a while."

bigsleep, Apr 28 2021

Film: Extinction https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3201640/
[bigsleep, Apr 29 2021]

The danger of AI is weirder than you think https://www.ted.com...rder_than_you_think
You never know what its going to think. [bigsleep, Apr 29 2021]

Basically, 'AI is dumb' https://worldbuildi....com/a/201179/49261
[Skewed, Apr 29 2021]


       No! My nanospider!
pertinax, Apr 28 2021

       ^ Shoulda worn the tinfoil hat. It's the only way to be safe.
AusCan531, Apr 28 2021

       There's an amusing little short in this (or perhaps a Doctor Who episode, sans Doctor of course, a flashback episode from when he was somewhere else maybe, setting up a revenge of the nanospiders story arc perhaps).   

       Unless you burrowed it from one?
Skewed, Apr 28 2021

       //perhaps a Doctor Who episode//   

       All clocks, memories & historic records have been purged to hide the event so everyone thinks its 2021 when it's really 2031, the first episode of the arc would be the Doctor turning up convinced he's arrived in 2031 & finding everyone thinks it's 2021, he'll put it down to the Tardis needing repairs again & this'd be the big reveal in flashback four or five episodes into the story arc.
Skewed, Apr 28 2021

       <strikethrough>Day</sr> <Insert>Year
RayfordSteele, Apr 28 2021

       //All clocks, memories & historic records have been purged to hide the event//   

       Sounds like Extinction [link]. Despite the 5.8 IMDB rating its a really good movie unless you like plot spoilers before seeing the movie.   

       //endlessly pass parcels around//   

       I keep thinking about how an AI like [beanangel] would optimise* this. I'm guessing some durable hollow plastic cubes with big rounded corners in a dayglow orange.   

       * I strongly recommend all people interested in AI's to watch the linked video. This video is responsible for the parcels segment in the story and also informs my opinion on "How missing factors in epidemiology can possibly go wrong". Epidemiology survey design is rather like programming an AI ;-)
bigsleep, Apr 29 2021

       Here's another for you [big]y   

       When you pick through the blurb the OP basically asks for a reason why any 'self replicating paperclip optimisation drones' (aka grey goo, not nano here though) might not attack humans directly (to wipe them out & prevent interference to its primary goal).   

       This answer <link> was elegant & simple.   

       //elegant & simple//   

       If you know what it's saying.   

       I'm guessing some (I don't mean here, just 'some' 'somewhere') won't.   

       It probably needs at least some prior knowledge of extant reinforcement learning software to get it straight off.   

       I wasn't really paying attention to this answer, It took me three casual passes b4 the penny dropped ;)
Skewed, Apr 29 2021

       A bit of animal husbandry never goes amiss.
wjt, May 01 2021


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