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The Dishwasher Music Channel

Play the music most like your dishwasher sounds
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This app comes in 2 parts -

1) An app that listens to your dishwasher.

2) An app that plays mp3s based on recommendations of closest matches to the noises the dishwasher is making*.

This would be more like a channel as the sounds a dishwasher makes over a couple of hour cycle vary a lot. Spraying, spinning beat, occasional silences and all varied each time by what you've put in the dishwasher.

That pan sounds like a hi-hat when hit with the jet, and that plastic bowl rocking as the jet moves creates a secondary beat.

* My dishwasher ramping up with a spray sounded a lot like Momentary Lapse of Reason this morning. I'd be interested to know what the closest musical matches are.

bigsleep, Oct 03 2016


       I have several dishwashers. The smallest one tends to make an incessant whining noise while doing the dishes. It's very annoying plus it tends to drip water from it's elbow joints.
AusCan531, Oct 03 2016

       I spent some time looking for a clip of the dishwasher in the TV show " The Middle " but I struck out, so you are spared the heavy metal approach.
normzone, Oct 03 2016

       //plus it tends to drip water from it's elbow joints//   

       A properly installed dishwasher needs to have the waste water runoff configured to go downwards into the sink outlet. They usually have adjustable legs, but some raised platform should do. The whining I suspect is putting the dishwasher on a long programme with insufficient pocket money.
bigsleep, Oct 03 2016

       Mine just melted a hole in its bottom and flooded the ceiling of the lower suite.   

       Don't go chasing waterfalls...   

       I like this. I think you should expand it to analyze any rhythmic sound and play a song that matches it.
doctorremulac3, Oct 04 2016


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