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The London EyePod

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Modify the London Eye to make it also act like a juke-box selector mechanism.

An attached radio station will form its playlist based on an algorithm influenced by the people contained in the pod that happens to be at the exact "3-O'Clock" position.

The influence input could be a wide variety of aspects - dynamically reconfigurable and evolving.

Ian Tindale, Nov 12 2005


       I was going to put up a "London Ear" - but I prefer your name, though my idea was different. What the London EyePod actually does is not particularly inspiring - but the name is a stroke of genius - wish I'd though of it! touché +
xenzag, Nov 12 2005

       why 3 o'clock?   

       I hope you are not suggesting that it turns on its axis and then gets laid down horizontally as the music plays.
po, Nov 12 2005

       Now there's a thought - it could have a giant clothes peg gripping a piece of cardboard inserted between the spokes. When the wheel was spun it would sound exactly like a motor bike - only a bit louder. We used to do this on our bikes when I was a kid.
xenzag, Nov 13 2005

       Aye. Pod.
Jinbish, Nov 13 2005


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