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The London Other Eye

Another London Eye, right next to the first one.
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Or even opposite.

With a proper pair of London Eyes, we could get huge sponsorship from Luxottica (the current owners of the Ray-Ban brand), and possibly even see an enormous pair of Aviator sunglasses, for the London Eyes, built in time for the summer (which is, I believe, in 2012).

Ian Tindale, Jan 12 2006

Map of south-east England http://tindale.dyn....webqtvr/arsemap.mov
boysparks, - like this, sort of? [Ian Tindale, Jan 12 2006]

The London Eye http://www.londoneye.com/
[wagster, Jan 13 2006]

View of http://www.holidaym...and/london_eye6.jpg
[wagster, Jan 13 2006]


       we haven't called it the smoke for decades. (for good reason)   

       love that map, IT.
po, Jan 12 2006

       Nice, IT.
moomintroll, Jan 12 2006

       most exellent - could get added twitching eyebrows (skybrows) and has inspired me to write Londonatomy
xenzag, Jan 13 2006

       During the 12 month winter, fill the Eyes viewing cars with a constant stream of water so that the Eyes turn into cascading water displays.
skinflaps, Jan 13 2006

       I want to bun the map, but I'll have to settle for bunning the idea. How's about using fog machines to create ineffable eyebrows above each eye?
wagster, Jan 13 2006

       London monocle?   

       Ah, of course, it'd be a spectacle!
Dub, Jan 13 2006

       I had to read this twice before I failed to understand it.
ldischler, Jan 13 2006

       thats sad!   

       I know a doctor...
po, Jan 13 2006

       [ldishler] - Do you know what the London Eye is? (link)
wagster, Jan 13 2006

       Well!, it <i>is</i> winking at me!
gnomethang, Jan 13 2006

       That? I'm going to London in a couple of weeks...for the weather. Is that thing going to be running?
ldischler, Jan 13 2006

       pretty much goes all the time I believe (except for maintenance).   

       gonna meet any h'bakers while you're here?
po, Jan 14 2006

       If we can't do this, then the alternative plan is:   

       If everybody could vote for me today at the Mayor of London & London Assembly Erections, then I promise to instigate at least the "London Sunglass". Just the one.
Ian Tindale, May 01 2008

       Well, that didn’t work, didn’t it.
Ian Tindale, May 21 2016


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