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The Naloxone Murders

Jacket notes for a fictional crime drama
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In 1982, several people in the United States died from cyanide poisoning, somehow added to sealed packages of Tylenol brand pain reliever. Though the FBI had several suspects, the case was never conclusively solved.

Nearly fifty years later, someone tampered with Naloxone sprayers, replacing the medication with a synthetic opioid more potent than fentanyl. Distribution was widespread, indicating a compromise at several manufacturing facilities. The first, most obvious impact was that people who could have been rescued from an opioid overdose died almost instantly. Many of the early deaths were misdiagnosed as failed rescues - it took weeks to realize what was wrong with the medication.

The resulting product recall, manufacturing shutdown, and investigation dragged out for months. During that time, Naloxone and several related products were unavailable, leading to more deaths.

"The Naloxone Murders'" is a procedural drama written in Michael Crichton's style. Rich in forensic details of the investigation. Includes viewpoints of those affected by the murders: backgrounds of the victims, their families, the medics and police who had to face them, as well as the drug companies simultaneously trying to find the culprit and to deflect blame. Includes editorials from major media across the entire political spectrum - each using the murders as a jumping off point to discuss their own stance on drug addition and treatments.

a1, Jun 14 2024

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[a1, Jun 15 2024]

Naloxone https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naloxone
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The Nitazene Murders? [a1, Jun 26 2024]


       //Naxolone (in the title) /Naloxone(in the body of the work)// ...make up my mind ;)
Sgt Teacup, Jun 15 2024

       It's a clue; the murderer was dyslectic.
pertinax, Jun 15 2024

       // the murderer was dyslectic. or dyslexic. or dysomething. //   

       So was the author.   

       But what do you think of the book concept?
a1, Jun 15 2024

       Most importantly, the book's various characters must muse on the culprit's motivation, even if we never find out whodunnit: was it eugenics? compassion killing? revenge? hallucinatory mental illness?   

       Perhaps it was simply a mistranslation moment when an illiterate employee made their best guess at the big bag of ingredient X to dump in the hopper at the naloxone-spray factory, which speaks to the actual general failure of education over the last 30+ years.   

       Added to the failure of health care, and the creation of all sorts of new addictions, it was an accident waiting to happen.   

       The 'why' is always more fascinating than the procedural 'how/what' (which can end up being counsel for copycats*).   

       *Margaret Atwood's 'The Handmaid's Tale' is NOT a handbook for regressive social change. Note that the failure of education and the rise of online communication led directly to the near total inability to understand sarcasm and schaudenfreude...like The Handmaid's Tale (and many HB comments).
Sgt Teacup, Jun 16 2024

       The hard part to get right will be culprit's motivation. If we never find out, that will make for an unsatisfying story. If we *do* find out, there's a high risk that the culprit will be written as some sort of straw man.
pertinax, Jun 16 2024

       // motivation //   

       Yep. The jacket notes don't go into it (and maybe they should) but I do think the narrative will include characters pondering motives. [Sgt Teacup], you covered several possibilities I considered, added one I missed (manufacturing error), but left out one that did come up in the Tylenol case (blackmail). Thanks.   

       [pertinax], I'm not sure there needs to be a definitive culprit or resolution to the case. If it's written well enough but left unsolved, everyone who reads it can cling to their own pet theory.
a1, Jun 16 2024


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