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The Ozonator

High concentration ozone machine safe for occupied spaces
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Combine a high-volume room air-filter with a chamber containing an ozone generator. Inlet air is circulated in the chamber exposed to a much higher concentration of ozone than is usually safe for people to breath. But before releasing it back into the room it is passed through a manganese dioxide-based catalyst to reduce the concentration.

Filtered and ozone sterilized air full time, without people having to leave the room during treatment.

a1, Apr 26 2021


       I wonder how big the chamber would have to be, in relation to the rate of air flow through it.
pertinax, Apr 26 2021

       I would expect ozone treatment would need a reasonable "linger time", which means low volume flow rate; therefore, a rather large space.
Perhaps combine it with a UV sterilisation system. Everbody is always "do this" OR "do that"... do both at once & gain all the benefits.
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 26 2021

       No ozone is good ozone for breathing. Is there a way to filter all of it out?
Voice, Apr 27 2021

       I don’t know of a way to filter it. Catalysts can break it down, but I don’t know if you can get it to zero.
a1, Apr 27 2021

       Some kind of magnetic containment?
Voice, Apr 27 2021

       A very long pipe to somewhere above Antarctica?
RayfordSteele, Apr 27 2021

       It might need multiple chambers and timed cycles. Inlet cycle pulls air into the ozone chamber, valves close, gets zapped for a while. Another valve opens to catalyst chamber, treated air gets pumped into there. After that the air is released into back into the room.
a1, Apr 27 2021


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