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Tower Crane Bendy Bus Conkers

swing bendy buses on the end of tower cranes
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In the city of Dublin there are currently 150+ tower cranes busy building in a frenzy to cope with inward investment since the chaos that is Brexit was created.

As the UK continues to melt down, Dublin is barely able to cope with the amount of construction demand for offices, shops, housing and infrastructure. This has resulted in an unprecedented amount of cranes covering the entire skyline in every direction.

These cranes are often in clusters, with as many as ten crammed into a comparatively small site, swivelling around lifting and lowering all day long, it's hard to imagine how they avoid bashing into each other. It therefore requires only a very modest amount of organisation to mount some contests, beginning with the Tower Crane Bendy Bus Conkers event.

This is a simple contest involving the swinging and subsequent impact of two suspended bendy buses until one or both bursts open completely and is reduced to total destruction. Crowds are kept well back to avoid the rain of falling debris. Extra points are awared for style and swinging technique.

Nocturnal spectacular event features the two bendy buses being set alight prior to swinging in complete circles for several orbits before they are brought into catastrophic contact.

Other Tower Crane ideas are under developement.

xenzag, Dec 14 2019

Like this? https://www.youtube...watch?v=ZtztZz7A4xA
[MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 14 2019]


       // Crowds are kept well back to avoid the rain of falling debris. //   

       Why ? That's very anti-Darwinian. Anyone who gets close enough to be injured, or preferably killed (thus removed from the gene pool) deserves what they get.   

       In fact, spectators should be actively encouraged to get close, thus weeding out the unfit from the population. A simple disclaimer and acceptance that they will have to fund their own medical treatment and funeral expenses should keep the sensible ones at a safe distance. The remainder are not merely expendable, but it is highly desirable that they should be expended.
8th of 7, Dec 14 2019

       This has been baked by Top Gear <link>.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 14 2019

       Ha - brilliant. I never watch top gear, so never heard of them doing this. They're not using tower cranes either, but I won't keep it.
xenzag, Dec 14 2019

       // I never watch top gear, //   

       We surmised as much. Do you have anything to say before the sentence of death is carried out ?
8th of 7, Dec 14 2019

       Knowing her, she probably will.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 14 2019

       We didn't say we were going to let her say it; we merely enqured if there was anything she wished to say, should she be given the opportunity (which of course she won't be).
8th of 7, Dec 14 2019

       Did I mention there'll be someone in the flaming bendy bus, and not by choice. Now that the moron Clarke has stolen my idea, I'm going to edit it to remove the caravan component and simply have the bendy buses, which I hate just as much anyway.
xenzag, Dec 14 2019

       // the bendy buses, which I hate just as much anyway //   

       You are [Ian Tindale], and we claim our free autographed copy of "How to be unpleasant to people on public transport"
8th of 7, Dec 14 2019

       You're going on the burning bendy bus..... this will be filmed like the Wicker Man, and I will watch it in slow motion!
xenzag, Dec 14 2019

       You'll have seen the Top Gear episode on bendy buses, then, [xen]?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 14 2019

       That's another one that they can copy, especially if that Clarke retard is in one of the buses.
xenzag, Dec 14 2019

       Would 12,500kg in a massive slew at the end of the boom, exceed the 18,000kg still, straight up and down lift maximum? There is 5.5 tons to play with. Either way it's just another YouTube video.
wjt, Dec 14 2019


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