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Travbm Adaptor

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This was an unspecified device using unspecified technology that successfully got rid of most of the spurious output from travbm.

Now that he’s relaxed a bit, I’m sure we all agree that the signal to noise ratio around here has definitely improved.

Ian Tindale, Oct 28 2015

Trolls just want to have fun http://www.scienced...i/S0191886914000324
"...cyber-trolling appears to be an Internet manifestation of everyday sadism." [Voice, Oct 28 2015]

Nitro Nitroglycerine_20El...0Generation_20Plant
[DenholmRicshaw, Nov 01 2015]

We want civilization https://www.youtube...watch?v=tAUAA8jkF4k
[LimpNotes, Nov 02 2015]

Move on http://lifehacker.c...me-empow-1738077671
[LimpNotes, Nov 03 2015]


       Just wake up the soup dragon and ask for him/her to be sent into orbit.
xenzag, Oct 28 2015

       I've probably missed a lot!   

       I seem to remember we treated migrants better.
po, Oct 28 2015

       I don't think it's a medication issue, perhaps too many energy drinks. He appears unconcerned about the reception he's getting, so maybe high-functioning something or other.   

       Is troll nature or nurture based ?
normzone, Oct 28 2015

       Hah, I remember my reception by unabubbathingy
po, Oct 28 2015

       Do you keep it in a jar somewhere? This place does come with a fully customizable filter.
RayfordSteele, Oct 28 2015

       That was rather funny RayfordSteele. I laughed. However, I think travbm just needs a little halfbakery tlc, and that's all.   

       Let's get em po...you take one leg, I'll take the other and we'll run in opposite directions till he splits like a Thanksgiving Day wishbone. Yeah...
blissmiss, Oct 28 2015

       Here's a halfbakery idea - account diversion. The user is routed to a faux site with random noise generated, and this site can continue. Said user may not notice.
normzone, Oct 28 2015

       Put some more thought into your ideas before you post them. As they stand, they are more like FB status updates, than HB posts. Everybody has ideas like the ones you have been posting, but most people pay the courtesy of filtering out the garbage before submitting it. Go for quality in your postings, not quantity. Hard Tomato Juice was a favored idea last I saw, so deleting it tells me you are indeed trolling. But hey, its more attention than anyone else in the world gives you right? And any attention is good attention? Keep in mind we can ignore you here too.
LimpNotes, Oct 28 2015

       It tells me that you know the difference.
LimpNotes, Oct 28 2015

       Remember, the Halfbakery software allows you to alter any of the views and filter by user. As [RayfordSteele] said, you can eliminate [travbm] from your own view without waiting for mod action.
lurch, Oct 29 2015

       Interesting, that. I've always been aware that it can be done but know little about how to do it. Do we have a tutorial posted someplace, or is it a figure-out-how thing ?   

       I'll go look...   

       Well that didn't take long at all.   

       Go to [overview], scroll down and click on [overview][edit], and then there are filtering options.   

       I'll post this on my user page structured such that anyone searching for it might find it...if their poor mind works like mine.   

       EDIT: The filter never did work properly, I did not sort out the details appropriately I guess. Don't take my advice regarding this tool just yet.
normzone, Oct 29 2015

       Thank you [normzone]. I didn't even know that option exists. Now I'm paranoid about how many people have blocked me.
Voice, Oct 29 2015

       [travbm] //don't hate me because I have a beautiful mind.// No one hates you, and this is a pathetic, attention grabbing assertion (oh look at poor me!) You are clearly a very young person, so this may be a school project for you, given your obvious lack of maturity, but you have entered an adult world where you are quite obviously out of your depth, and drowning fast. Why don't you come back in a few years time once you have matriculated, or whatever it is you do in the type of backwater where you live? If you have self esteem issues, then you need some genuine help in the form of counselling. You won't get that here.
xenzag, Oct 29 2015

       //Now I'm paranoid about how many people have blocked me.//

I think there is some reciprocity in the "blocking". For example I think [RayfordSteele] blocked me at some point. When he would anno an idea, it wouldn't register as changed in my Recent list. Noticed when I looked back at my Conversation Game idea, and suddenly some bit of drivel appeared there.
LimpNotes, Oct 29 2015

       Did you post a comment [LimpNotes]? All I see is your name under a blank space.
xenzag, Oct 29 2015

LimpNotes, Oct 29 2015

       I'd say the blocking is very usable, but perhaps passive aggressive, and if the direct approach doesn't work, I'd consider it an option. [travbm] has deleted most of his garbage "ideas" so I think the direct approach is working. Time will tell.
LimpNotes, Oct 29 2015

       Withdrawing my bun pending further misbehavior. edit: reinstated.
Voice, Oct 29 2015

       I've never seen this before - he's churned the entire landing page. I think he may BE a bot...
normzone, Oct 29 2015

       Yeah. And back with stupid ideas. [+]
LimpNotes, Oct 29 2015

       [travbm] exhibits the characteristics of a troll. I'm going to avoid the Halfbakery until normal service resumes. He/she has made it all but unusable by churning up so many ideas and writing moronic annotations on them. Bakesperson being emailed.
xenzag, Oct 29 2015

       No one did anything to you. You are a disruption and clearly either a troll, or a juvenile who has gotten access to a keyboard.
xenzag, Oct 29 2015

       No. This account is a collection of individuals. Very immature and spite-filled individuals with a strong aversion to the truth of their condition, (if my gut's right), pretending to be one account... for now.   

       Sorry guys, I think they followed me home...
Can we keep them?

       I have emailed Herself of The Bakery, and suggest others may want to do so as well.
xenzag, Oct 29 2015

       I'm appealing for calm.   

       This is the halfbakery. We reintegrate trolls back into society.
Loris, Oct 29 2015

       We can try.   

       //I only did what you did to me// aww, poor baby.   

       Didn't bother noticing that the people who posted the wonky posts either left immediately afterwards without bothering to join in the annotations, or also have _hundreds_ of posts which _don't_ break the rules.   

       Also didn't notice that they usually got creamed for posting it.
FlyingToaster, Oct 29 2015

       This whole thing has been playing out very strangely. [travbm] has become almost as iconic as the "succulent" bunch. Hmmm.
blissmiss, Oct 29 2015

       //succulent// ....
FlyingToaster, Oct 29 2015

       Don't feed the troll!
xenzag, Oct 29 2015

       // We reintegrate trolls back into society //   

       ... as in "recycle them as compost" ....   

       // Don't feed the troll! //   

       Rubbish. If they don't get fed, they don't grow up big and strong, and then they are less fun to hunt.   

       Very few things are an inprovement over a nice, plump troll, skewered on a long iron spit over a low fire, roasting gently as the fat drips into the embers, and producing that delightful smell of charring flesh.   

       Of course, some say that's cruel, and that they should be killed first; we vehemently disagree.   

       // the yeast in your bread? //   

       More like the Deuterium in our fusion reactors ...   

       // don't hate me because I have a beautiful mind. //   

       We don't. Honestly, we don't. There are so many reasons to hate you besides that. But don't take it personally; we hate everyone else too.
8th of 7, Oct 29 2015

       // When he would anno an idea, it wouldn't register as changed in my Recent list.//   

       That's because the Bakesperson can set a flag for users to either have their annotations churn the recent list or not I think.   

       Years ago after I joined, I 'earned' the setting of that flag for some reason or other. It's like a scarlet letter.
RayfordSteele, Oct 29 2015

       //That's because the Bakesperson can set a flag for users to either have their annotations churn the recent list or not I think.//

If that's true, that would be an excellent solution to the current situation. He could play in the grass without the old farts yelling at him to get off the lawn.

But I also think he's enjoying the annoyance he's causing, and may just try harder to achieve that end if he is so restricted. That is unacceptable.

//I only did what you did to me//

Bullshit! You're deliberately prodding people and when they call you on it, you try to paint yourself as a victim. "They did it first." "Pardon my crazy." "Nobody likes me" "The demons made me do it." The truth is you are an overly-sensitive spoiled child who wants to destroy the world whenever your feelings get hurt, and you want to do this without guilt so you blame others when you act out. Your behavior is your own responsibility.
LimpNotes, Oct 30 2015

       Interesting link [voice].
Very interesting.

       If there is a way to check the time-stamp of postings by this... 'individual', I bet the record would show insufficient time for an average human to have continued the current graffiti-fest without rest.
This would mean either, bot, or group.

       My bet's on group.   

       He was down for a few hours last night.
LimpNotes, Oct 30 2015

       Missed that. Go figure.   

       The original writing style of the first few postings, (which have been deleted now... along with the 'business plan'), were wildly differing. Misspellings, syntax, sentence-structure, and cadence varied with each post.   

       Just a hunch. Not one person... though bots might be a tool.   

       I wouldn't give the kid that much credit. I think the first few he was trying at least, then he stopped and settled for quantity.
normzone, Oct 30 2015

       I think he's a kid who just opened presents on Christmas morning and wants to play with them all day. And then throws a fit when mom tells him he needs to stop for a while and take the trash out to the curb.
LimpNotes, Oct 30 2015

       I think beneath the trollish behavior travbm has the soul of a half-baker. I think some of his claims to be an overt troll are him protecting himself from the insults. I think the hate- a-thon should be stopped. I also think the trolling should not be ignored.   

       I feel [bakesperson] should give him a choice.
Voice, Oct 30 2015

       Electrocuted eh? Was it fatal?
Ian Tindale, Oct 30 2015

       Well I won’t ask which bit.
Ian Tindale, Oct 30 2015

       I think it might be that the way the halfbakery is being used by this account is itself half-baked, so it's kind of meta.
nineteenthly, Oct 30 2015

       My old half contacts are in a group of my design. Others fall out into an equally interesting but less personal sub class of the half. Let's see whose half attends. :)
reensure, Oct 30 2015

       You should delete yourself and come back when you've grown up a bit. This is no place for the vulnerable or the underage. Criticism of you feels like engaging in a form of child abuse.
xenzag, Oct 30 2015

       Foot fetishist!
po, Oct 30 2015

       // feels like engaging in a form of child abuse.//   

       ... and it feels SO GOOD ....   

       [trav], can you do cat impressions ? Please, do cat impressions for us ...
8th of 7, Oct 30 2015

       [8th] where is this?
po, Oct 30 2015

       [travbm] just post technologies that benefit others or that you would like to actually utilize   

       you could make powerpoints of your ideas then put them up at youtube. it could reach more people, while reutilizing text   

       that suggests lots of thought at getting the original text as effective as possible, so with .5b as your first high quality draft you could then make presentations about actual buildables online if you like.
beanangel, Oct 30 2015

       m'yes, quite   

       //there's some shame//

Yeah, its in England.
LimpNotes, Oct 31 2015

       Really. Since when? Did this move occur overnight? There's nothing in the news about it. Was it continental drift or something?
Ian Tindale, Oct 31 2015

       Sorry! UK. How you choose to annex is none of my business.
LimpNotes, Oct 31 2015

       Are you sure you don't mean Eridani?
nineteenthly, Oct 31 2015

       All the necessary ingredients of moron stew, or is the pc version of that now 'educationally challenged' stew?
xenzag, Oct 31 2015

       A self created turd.
xenzag, Oct 31 2015

       Ian, can you put normzone's anno in your idea description. I'm sure others like me and voice did not know of this option!   

       On the other hand, since travbm is annotating almost every idea on the site, it won't help to filter him out, because recent ideas won't show (if he had a chance to annotate them).   

       So now Recent 3 is showing only 8 ideas, I'm sure they too will be removed in the next few hours...
pashute, Oct 31 2015

       //I should not have drank that entire jar of Pickle juice.// Next time, wash it down by swallowing the jar as well.
xenzag, Oct 31 2015

       Bris was awesome.
RayfordSteele, Oct 31 2015

       I wanted her to like me... never cried about someone I'd never met before, dangdest thing.   

       sadly we're not the only trav target...
pashute, Nov 01 2015

       //Well at least I skimmed the help file// Get an adult to read this out loud for you.
xenzag, Nov 01 2015

       Halfbakery could really use a shadowban feature for times like this.
tatterdemalion, Nov 01 2015

       //It takes a tragic irritation to make a pearl in an oyster. — travbm, Nov 01 2015//   

       You know, that is actually very poetic. I think you have potential. Me thinks.
blissmiss, Nov 01 2015

       more math, less meth.
FlyingToaster, Nov 01 2015

       Time to head back to Facebook now Spanky.   

       Can someone please post some simple instructions that make this travbm troll become totally invisible here to me?
xenzag, Nov 01 2015

       // Well, there's our solution.   

       // don't just post crap in the hopes of getting some attention.   

       It's getting lots of attention now, though, and will continue as long as that is so. The solution to any troll is disregard. After a period of non response to its antics, it will fuck off somewhere else.
tatterdemalion, Nov 01 2015

       Ye Gods! I look away for a couple of weeks and miss a right old "root vegetable frenzy".
DenholmRicshaw, Nov 01 2015

       I'm noticing some improvement. His original model was Of Mice and Men squeeze the mouse until it dies. Now his annotations are a bit better thought out, better presented, and less frequent. Smarter even. But this "I am whatever you say I am" mentality is holding him back. I think he's too quick to get offended and take things personally, throw away any progress he's made, and go on the offensive.
LimpNotes, Nov 01 2015

       I'm reminded of the Nitroglycerine idea from way back where there was lots of constructive "kicking". He or she only posted a single idea.
DenholmRicshaw, Nov 01 2015

       [xenzag] click the [edit, button beside rss] next to Recent. The very first setting allows you to filter showing all ideas and comments by [someone other than] so-and-so.
This will not really work though because incarnations by proxy are endless. It is like banning IP addresses.

       Locks only keep honest people out.   

       Yes - Bakesperson offered to set up for me, but think I will just stay away for as long as this cretinous troll remains.
xenzag, Nov 02 2015

       "What we want is, I think, what everybody wants..." <link>
LimpNotes, Nov 02 2015

       / don't hate me because I have a beautiful mind. / I laughed! And I wont.
bungston, Nov 02 2015

       sp "ymwelwyr"
FlyingToaster, Nov 02 2015

       It does however seemingly permit posting in "moron", which clearly facilitates you.
xenzag, Nov 02 2015

       What is your strategy for churning ideas like you do, to add the clusters of hardly useful meaningless comments off the top of your head? Do you use the search feature to search for a specific thing, or do you just pick a topic and go deeper into that listed idea area? It doesn’t seem random.
Ian Tindale, Nov 03 2015

       I always wondered why Pippen hung out with those guys. Think of it like you just asked a girl out on a date and she rejected you. Are you gonna stalk around, texting all the time, begging for a chance, or will you accept that rejection is just a part of life, recognize that a relationship is not going to work out, learn from the experience, and move on to the next opportunity? Anyway link for you.
LimpNotes, Nov 03 2015

       But you did give me cancer in my ass.
LimpNotes, Nov 03 2015

       Oh, I've been away and need to know what's going on here!! Is he a bot, a rat, a troll, or a fishbone generator?
xandram, Nov 03 2015

       [xandram], it's the most recent person with a lot of time on their hands whose discovered the 'bakery but doesn't want to use the help file.
normzone, Nov 03 2015

       That's a generous descriptor. He's simply a troll who's sole purpose is to disrupt and annoy people. I'm actually going to avoid the bakery until he's gone. These messages are only intended for the normal members to read and not the retard.
xenzag, Nov 03 2015

       //I'm actually going to avoid the bakery until he's gone. //

Make sure you log on every single day to tell us about it.

//some contraption to build//

Recommend starting with a metal foundry... seriously. Doesn't cost much, lots of tutorials on YT, and you'll gain valuable design and fabrication skills to boot. Safety equipment is a must.
LimpNotes, Nov 03 2015

       I consulted a source who shall remain unidentified regarding this latest person to move into the Halfbakery, and here is their sage advice.   

       " thanks for asking. Here's what I think.   

       Especially as it gets cold and darker, we should all have something in our lives that we care about a lot more than sequences of bytes that appear on a screen somewhere, and whether or not there is churn, and whether some statement someone made is justified or just idiotic, repeatedly. (And I'm allowed to say this because I've definitely put in my time on this one...)   

       So, I recommend you hang out with your loved ones for a few extra minutes and hug them when there's a chance. (Unless you don't ever do that kind of thing, in which case it would just alienate everybody.) Or paint. Or make music. Hell, invent a new kind of food! My point is, they are fragile, and you are fragile, and our lives are short, and we should do silly grand strange things with real people while we can. Some are really quite lovely.   

       That's my take. "
normzone, Nov 03 2015

       Thank you [normzone]! I'm not liking some of this but we can just ignore him you know.
xandram, Nov 03 2015

       Video, or it didn’t happen.
Ian Tindale, Nov 03 2015

       Nope. My brother and I made something from matches once that punched a hole through three bolted 2x10's of an outdoor hockey rink once as kids though.   

       No collateral damage reported the next day on the radio... which was good, and we learned our lesson while waiting a few days to be able to hear properly again.
We stuck to chasing each other around with exploding match-book throwing-stars after that.

       Being under eighteen was fun.   

       You know I am pretty sure if I posted a word such as Elohim or bereshith using the Latin alphabet, the HB would allow it. Presumably it won't do Hebrew script but Hebrew itself is not a problem. Let's see...
nineteenthly, Nov 04 2015

       //if I posted a word such as Elephant or berserker using the Latin alphabet, the HB would allow it. Presumably it won't do Hebrew script but Hebrew itself is not a problem//   

       But neither elephant nor berserker are Hebrew are they? Is there an auto-replace for actual Hebrew words (did you actually type Elephant and it got auto-replaced by "elephant" I wonder?)
pocmloc, Nov 04 2015

       travbm, — here’s what to do: don’t post anything at all for the next few days (including the weekend). Come here and read stuff, by all means. Just don’t comment on anything and don’t generate any new ideas. Not until next week.   

       Of course, you won’t. Who would. Nobody would. Nobody could. But you should attempt to try. It’ll be good.
Ian Tindale, Nov 04 2015

       Damn, I can't even ask him a question without encouraging the behavior.   

       Never mind.
normzone, Nov 05 2015

       Tell us all why you're here [travbm].
Do you know why?

       [travbm] Why don't you pass some more time by deleting everything you've posted to date, including all your annotations, and start over. Re-introduce yourself by posting an invention that is built around something that issues a genuine apology. Call it An Apology Machine, and see how you get on. Everyone deserves a second chance, so why not take yours?
xenzag, Nov 05 2015

       In that case, I'm calling for your account to be deleted, and invite other users to join me in making this call.
xenzag, Nov 05 2015

       Oh don't compliment yourself so much [trav]. There has been other( annoying) infamous 'bakers here, but they were / are real 'bakers and either become one of us or just disappear. You apparently don't understand that we are a special kind of family here. I even love [Max] who can annoy me to no end, but then again, I annoy people, too. Your annoyance is not so bad as your spelling or your obvious immaturity. Just grow up and come back later...
xandram, Nov 05 2015

       If folks here were easily offended you'd have been filtered into non-existence and talking to yourself without knowing it on your first day.   

       Nobody sets out to intentionally be a troll, so is your grudge against any specific halfbaker on another site you frequent, or have we all pissed you off somehow?
Because your actions are not those of a rational individual.

       One love, please.
Voice, Nov 05 2015

       He had his chance to atone and start over. See above.
xenzag, Nov 05 2015

       For trollishness, [travbm] doesn't hold a candle to [sealorator]. That was ugly... but, thanks to [bristolz], it was also short.   

       Still, I feel that all the arguments for keeping [travbm] are on the order of "the cat poop doesn't take up that much of the front room, we can still walk around it; or go outside if the smell is too much."
lurch, Nov 05 2015

       //I don't see why people are feeding the troll or worse, poking it with a stick.//

Psychological splitting I suspect.
LimpNotes, Nov 05 2015

       It seems clear to me that [travbm] has abused the commons and deserves consequence. There is no mob justice here; the ban hammer could be applied but the pissing contest is simply further tramping the commons. So long as the problem persists I suggest liberally annotating great long past ideas that represent the actual richness that the commons can produce. Drown this present fire with the sweat of past labors.
WcW, Nov 05 2015

       I've been away. What's a travbm?
notexactly, Nov 09 2015

       [not] Just check out his profile. He deletes all his ideas of the week.
xandram, Nov 09 2015

       Thirteen is my lucky number.
travbm, Nov 10 2015

       Thirteen is my lucky number To you it means stay inside. Black cat done crossed my path, No reason to run and hide. You're looking through a cracked mirror, No one really knows the reason why. Your enemies are gettin' nearer, Gonna hang down your head and cry... [Chorus:] You got bad, bad luck Bad, bad luck You got bad, bad luck Bad, bad luck Some people go to church on Sundays, others they pray at home. You tell them that there ain't no God, that they're better off standin' alone. You're always scratchin' at the eight ball, No one really knows the reason why. You get to the top and then you fall, Gonna hang down your head and cry.   

       Apppropriately enough, thanks to Social Distortion.
normzone, Nov 10 2015

       no more H. My key went kaput.
travbm, Nov 12 2015

       You’re unable to type the letter “H” any more?
Ian Tindale, Nov 12 2015

       well key number 8 of abc's popped off my keyboard. it is really difficult to type.
travbm, Nov 12 2015

       I wonder how well I would type without an "h" key. It could be a fun game to never use a particular key, and add a degree of individual grammar obfuscation as well.
Voice, Nov 12 2015

       You only need one key to communicate - a full stop. With a full stop you can create: stop, space, stop stop space, space space stop, etc, etc
xenzag, Nov 12 2015

       --o --- --- -oo , o-oo oo- -o-o -o-, --- -o, - oooo o- -   

       in Morse code
travbm, Nov 12 2015


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