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Trojan Horse Loading Bar App

Saving Internet Malcontents
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I suspect that most virus-type hackers do not bother to create an application that calls their virus name "virus". I propose a windows application that asks

Would you like to upload the virus? Yes/Cancel

If Yes.

Virus uploading...(with a nice loading bar).

Then once it is done.

A statement that says.

Virus has been uploaded.

If they were were to really upload the virus with the uploading virus program. Then the initial sense of delicious irony that they feel, would subsequently be followed by loneliness because they couldn't tell anyone about it because they just had committed a crime and this may propel them to a life of good.

Lets hope so.

leinypoo13, Dec 01 2007


leinypoo13, Dec 01 2007

       what movie?
po, Dec 01 2007

       Every one of those "hacker" movies where a "uploading virus" dialog comes up on a screen and suddenly every computer in the Mysterious Government Organization is dead.
Spacecoyote, Dec 02 2007


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