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Turn Off This Slide

slide show option
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I deliver a lot of slide shows to both students and my peers. Sometimes I need to alter an existing slide show by removing a number of slides for a variety of reasons, but then I need to return them to resore the original version of the show. This is a total pain, resulting in different entire versions of the same show having to be saved.

The solution would be a simple toggle on each slide to either show it or skip to the next image. I only every use Keynote (Powerpoint is horribly bloated) but I cannot find a "hide this slide" option in Keynote, so this is my not that really halfbaked idea.

xenzag, May 15 2023

Skip or unskip a slide in Keynote https://web.archive...de-tan9cbb7c9fe/mac
[a1, May 15 2023]


       I had several possible replies for this one, but decided to SKIP it (link).
a1, May 15 2023

       Excellent - thanks. It must be a new feature, as I certainly never noticed it before. (marked-for-deletion) problem solved though a toggle control on each slide would be better.
xenzag, May 15 2023

       Leaving the slides in but just saying "...ignore this slide ... ignore this slide..." as you flick through them will cause your audience to pay really close attention to those slides, as people love seeing things they're not supposed to be seeing so use this to your advantage and, if you have one slide in your presentation that it's crucial the audience pays attention to, just flick past it after a few seconds, mumbling something like "Ignore that one - not supposed to be in this slidepack..."
hippo, May 15 2023

       [hippo] Ignore this one, it's not meant to be in this slideshow... I'll just skip it... come on... why is this button not working? Am I out of range? I'm terribly sorry everyone, just don't read the text on this slide, it really isn't appropriate for this presentation... hang on, if I press this button it will go away... no, wait, perhaps I need to hold it here like this... OK... a bit closer... yes great its gone to the next slide. Now pay really close attention to this one..."
pocmloc, May 15 2023

       // It must be a new feature, as I certainly never noticed it before. //   

       Maybe they skipped that slide during the training class.
a1, May 15 2023

       I am totally self taught on every piece of software I use and have never attended a training class on anything.
xenzag, May 15 2023

       // self taught ... never attended training on anything ... //   

       That must include sarcasm as well. "They skipped that slide" - heh, I crack myself up.   

       Skip/unskip has been available since at least 2008. Not a new feature by that measure, just one you hadn't found before.
a1, May 15 2023

       True. I somehow thought it would be on the actual slide but had forgotten that the people writing the software code for Keynote are not very user experience aware, and so the control interface is quite dreadful. For powerpoint it's even worse of course.
xenzag, May 15 2023

       // somehow thought it would be on the actual slide //   

       Did you learn Keynote after you learned Powerpoint? When you switch from one program to another a lot of expectations are built around what you learned first.   

       I don’t use either very much, but I can see merit in either approach.
a1, May 16 2023

       I used to use iPhoto which had a slide show making feature. I started using Powerpoint with my students around year 2003 after seeing some creative work by David Byrne, who was subverting its purpose. This was perfect Art College material, so I ran a project I called iStories which generated a great response. Keynote use came later, and it's all I use now, including for an alternative Quiz Show (Self Improvement) I run from time to time with another artist.
xenzag, May 16 2023

       [pocmloc] yes, exactly like that!
hippo, May 16 2023


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