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Tweet reply to blog

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Blogs come in many and varied and many types and forms and arrangements. Given a typical subject or topic, some blog platforms make it relatively easy to reply to a post, but not easy to see the replies up front when reading the summary.

Other platforms make it really difficult and unusual to even reply in the first place (blogger/blogspot-based blogs, for example). Some platforms show replies freely and allow the user to readily focus on replies once you get there.

Either way, you have to enter a different “mode” of the blog platform in almost most cases, to execute a topic reply. This is almost like leaving the current blog and going somewhere totally different for a short while. If you’re going to do that, why not actually be somewhere different instead of using the blog’s own reply interface.

Why not tweet the reply in to the blog, from your twitter account, and have the tweeted reply appear in the normal inline reply display, just as if you had bothered to go through the rigmarole of using the blog’s own interface for tediously and anti-contextually entering replies.

The ironic thing is that many blog platforms these days even actually include their own twitter feed display.

Ian Tindale, Feb 22 2015


       Actually a good idea
hippo, Feb 23 2015

       I don't even remember my Twitter password, but I frequently reply to my daughters blog, and I see your point. It would be easier. I think.
blissmiss, Feb 23 2015

       If I had the time and inclination, and for a moment we could remove the necessity to re-learn even the slightest thing about programming and web development, because I’ve forgotten pretty much everything about it all, I’d perhaps prototype a blog that has conventionally-authored posts that could ONLY be replied to in tweets.   

       I’m not sure how the tweet should find the blog. Given that the character payload is a precious commodity, it would need to identify the blog itself (as a twitter handle perhaps) and then the article within the blog (as a hashtag perhaps) and then you’re left with what’s left. Perhaps it could also default to the current topic post if there’s no identifying hashtag or other means, only the handle. That’d save a few chars on the dominant use-case.
Ian Tindale, Feb 23 2015

       Standard blog/comments model is outdated. Dedicated blogs aren't necessary anymore, just use a service like medium, signed with your twitter handle. A hashtag for the article, and the tweet responses are on twitter.   

       Or just tweet. If want you want to say is too long for a tweet, see above. Tweet your medium link/hashtag to put it in your stream.
tatterdemalion, Feb 23 2015

       I gave you a [+] without reading the long entry. I hope the idea is the same as understood from the title.
pashute, Feb 25 2015

       I think it's a great idea - twitter's use is marginal without some kind of wrapper application, and this one seems ideal.
zen_tom, Feb 25 2015

       (-) I disagree with the premise, the solution doesn't fix the problem but exacerbates it, and nothing about this makes economic or technical sense. Sorry!
jutta, Feb 25 2015

       Oh gawd do I hate medium.com
LoriZ, Mar 01 2015


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