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Unambiguous Router

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Cuts grooves, channels and otherwise makes bits of a substrate missing. Works on wood, thermoplastic resin and any other material one might fancy chancing in there.

Also has internal antennae for diversity and beam forming distributions, 2.4GHz (just like your microwave magnetron) and 5GHz, and 11ac. Has a firewall that nobody understands but probably works, seems to have so far. Has enough gigabit ethernet sockets to obviate having to get an 8-way switch, and can send power line data transmission back down its own power line (are there any that can actually do that?).

Probably good for cutting a very shallow but precise maze into toast, into which can be flowed an egg, then cooked.

Ian Tindale, Sep 29 2016


8th of 7, Sep 29 2016

       [+] But is it a rauter or a rooter ?
mitxela, Sep 29 2016

       I don't know, but now I'm hungry for toast and egg.
normzone, Sep 29 2016

       Good for getting a 5GHz signal through walls that used to be too thick.
caspian, Sep 29 2016


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