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Upskirt blocker

A line of panties for trolling upskirt cameras
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Several ideas come to mind.
Black panties with the word "Censored" written across.
Panties with dozens of rubber tentacles to freak out and disgust.
Ultraviolet LED's, invisible to the eye, but blinds the camera.
Penis attachment.
LimpNotes, Sep 11 2015

For [Grogster] https://www.youtube...watch?v=tncOesffwUU
Scene from Tokoyo Gore Police. Really though. Don't watch this. [LimpNotes, Nov 10 2015]


       How about a fake (or real) camera looking back?
Voice, Sep 11 2015

       With a "Property of NSA" decal clearly visible.
LimpNotes, Sep 11 2015

       Wherever I look, the NSA has already been there.
Voice, Sep 11 2015

       It's like planting a flag on a new continent. "We invaded this privacy first."
LimpNotes, Sep 11 2015

       Hmmm, rubber tentacles.
Tulaine, Sep 11 2015

       If you want to stop despicable upskirt photographers from seeing your panties, why not simply remove them?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 11 2015

       Admittedly the original idea was going to be a over-the-panty under-garment that looks exactly like panties... but isn't.
LimpNotes, Sep 12 2015

       Yeah, now think up something that makes it so you can't smell flowers.
miggavin, Sep 12 2015

       Borrowing from another idea, why not use the opportunity to advertise the latest lens or photo printer to the shutterbug?
Voice, Sep 12 2015

       Two words; Granny Pants.
blissmiss, Sep 12 2015

       I would add a lifelike (possibly 3-D) image of a terrible and blood-drenched open mouth with sharp pointy vicious looking teeth, thus confirming every young boys nightmare mental image, lovingly told to him by an older brother who wanted nothing more than to freak his kid brother out! (...not that *MY* older brother told me that, the big jerk...)
Grogster, Sep 12 2015

       I like the path these annotations are taking and how it evidences, like in so many other arenas, how the Japanese are leading the trend. Also how someone sneaked a boner in amongst the silky smooth buns I was ogling.
LimpNotes, Sep 13 2015

       [Grogster] <link>
LimpNotes, Nov 10 2015

       Sweet jes.. I mean holy fu.. what the ACTUAL fuck.... What kind of twisted mind could even conceive that scene?
Voice, Nov 10 2015

       That would be Yoshihiro Nishimura.
LimpNotes, Nov 12 2015


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