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Use David Bowie To Voice-Over All Telly And Radio Adverts For A Whole Year

Yes, every single ad.
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For a whole year.
Ian Tindale, Aug 12 2009

aleksandr stuck in a life with his Fryness http://alex4d.files...andr_orlov_lift.jpg
[po, Aug 12 2009]

David Bowie interview - Parkinson - BBC http://www.youtube....39t3ys8&feature=fvw
This is what he really sounds like. [Ian Tindale, Aug 13 2009]

David Bowie makes a telephone joke http://www.youtube....nJI&feature=related
This is the common comedic perception of what he sounds like. [Ian Tindale, Aug 13 2009]

Lee Marvin http://www.youtube....watch?v=xnbiRDNaDeo
now THAT'S a voice that would make me buy ANYTHING [xenzag, Aug 14 2009]

Bowie sells stuff (i) http://ngeowkia.fil...haracter_jareth.jpg
Would you buy goods from this man? [Jinbish, Aug 14 2009]

Bowie sells stuff (ii) http://www.solarnav...s_Nikola_Tesla2.jpg
What about him? [Jinbish, Aug 14 2009]

David Bowie in Vittel ad http://www.youtube....watch?v=BasbwLRu_E4
Reminds me of his appearance in "The Hunger"... Bowie acts in it (as himself) and sings the music for it, but doesn't do voice over. [jutta, Aug 14 2009]

More of a station promo than an ad. Nice though. http://www.youtube....watch?v=WJpQJWpVJds
Bowie said he did it as thank-you to the BBC for the Flowerpot Men. [coprocephalous, Aug 17 2009]

Bowie Bonds http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bowie_Bonds
[hippo, Aug 17 2009]

Contax T-VS http://mysite.veriz...20JPEG/contax03.jpg
[coprocephalous, Aug 17 2009]


       "Ch-ch-ch-cheaper car insurance! Oh yeah!"
hippo, Aug 12 2009

       I like the idea but i have no idea why. Wouldn't he get a bit hoarse after a while?
nineteenthly, Aug 12 2009

       You little (Golden) wonder you.
calum, Aug 12 2009

       my good friend Aleksandr Orlov would not be best pleased.
po, Aug 12 2009

       Space Ad-itty?
Jinbish, Aug 12 2009

       Ziggy could do kids ads
Dub, Aug 12 2009

       Not with all those alien spiders in the background, it'd give the kids nightmares.
zen_tom, Aug 12 2009

       David Bowie doesnt have a particularly distinctive non-singing voice.   

       Stephen Fry would make for a much more pleasant year.
miasere, Aug 12 2009

       I'd like James Earl Jones to narrate everything.
theleopard, Aug 12 2009

       It should be someone different every year ("Oh no! This is Ken Livingstone's year!"). And while we're giving out jobs, lets have La Roux sing all the continuity links for the year.
hippo, Aug 12 2009

       // it'd give the kids nightmares. //   

       An excellent reason to do it, then.
8th of 7, Aug 12 2009

       "But where where the spiiiiders?
Had they all been killed by RAID?...
wagster, Aug 12 2009

       "He's a Spar Man!"
coprocephalous, Aug 12 2009

       "Use new 'Planet Earth' coloured, flavoured toilet cleaner and remember...
"Planet Earth is blue, and there's nothing else to do."
zen_tom, Aug 12 2009

       //I'd like James Earl Jones to narrate everything//   

       "Sanatogen Multi-vitamins. Because you are unwise to lower your defences."
wagster, Aug 12 2009

       Now if it was Lee Marvin's voice, as deployed to great effect in "Wandering Star", I'd like that, but David Bowie ... paleeaas.
xenzag, Aug 12 2009

       Sordid details following.
tatterdemalion, Aug 12 2009

       James Earl Jones is surprised by his car insurance quote.   

       "Don't fail me again, Admiral."
theleopard, Aug 12 2009

       I think I'd be encouraged to read more during Gilbert Gottfried year.
RayfordSteele, Aug 12 2009

       Well slap me sideways, if this isn't a "let's all/list" idea, then I've never seen one. (Smacks self in the head real hard to shake off the "Ground control to Major Tom" echo going round and round in head.) + Yazz, why not!
blissmiss, Aug 12 2009

       //James Earl Jones is surprised by his car insurance quote.// ... and yet unconcerned by some of the exclusion clauses:   

       "Asteroids do not concern me, Admiral. I want that ship, not excuses."
marklar, Aug 12 2009

       "We can't repair damage of that magnitude!" - Admiral (Akbar)'s claims assaying department.
zen_tom, Aug 12 2009

       One might sample Bowie from his various available works, then use a cut and paste sort of approach to make new spoken messages. This in case he is sometimes busy, or wrestling with tongue issues.
bungston, Aug 12 2009

       Like in"Ziggy, the ultimate guitar hero"? No thanks.-
zeno, Aug 12 2009

       pffft. Don't you mean Sean Connery?
simonj, Aug 12 2009

       No, it's just one person.
tatterdemalion, Aug 13 2009

       [+] Bowie has an unremarkable, though unmistakeable, speaking voice: wouldn't mind hearing it on ads for a year. If you mean using his music, forget it: much as I enjoy his stuff I don't want to be forced to listen to the same thing every 10 minutes.
FlyingToaster, Aug 13 2009

       I absolutely love Bowie's stuff. LOVE IT. From his Early stuff: Ziggy Stardust, through Changes, Golden years, et cetera; ... even to later stuff: Suffragette City, Little China Girl, but what is this? .........What is the point? IS there a point, Ian, or did you just hear a good song on the radio by Bowie, and just figure that you can Bullshit everybody with your Comedic Skills? No offense, Ian, if you're no longer a comedian (if so, I'm SAD truly - no sarcasm intended), but this idea is just drivel .... unless you expend a few more calories and explain it. Until then [-]
Speed Razor, Aug 13 2009

       ain't a "lets all": it's an idea that relies on complete saturation to be valid.
FlyingToaster, Aug 13 2009

       An above poster (whom I choose to remain nameless), has often given me a second pause for thought. Once again, he's kicked my brain into gear: maybe Bowie's monotone drawl , if it was heard often enough, might be an ... hit. Maybe(?) Nah!
Speed Razor, Aug 13 2009

       it's me innit... aw c'mon, say it's me...
FlyingToaster, Aug 13 2009

       G-g-g-g-Golden Ears... of corn in our Cornflakes
Dub, Aug 13 2009

       Bun added [+] to counter 21Quest's petulant MFD
simonj, Aug 14 2009

       nah, the idea is to have all adverts voiced over by one listenable celebrity's voice.   

       Sean Connery'd work as well eckshept nobody could undershtand him (though, mind by the end of the year you would)
FlyingToaster, Aug 14 2009

       // Let's all listen to David Bowie! //   

       21 Quest, that's an absurd rationale. By that logic, any idea could be considered a "let's all".   

       Let's all use the Panic Pin. Let's all use keyboard cleaning gloves. It stretches it to such an extreme as to render it useless.
tatterdemalion, Aug 14 2009

       //The idea is clearly a let's all. //
Clearly not.
I'm not planning on organising any advertising campaigns in the next 12 months, and I doubt you are either [21Quest]. [+]
coprocephalous, Aug 14 2009

       I think this is a "Let's All" as well. I don't mind, but i really think it is. Maybe it depends on how you feel about David Bowie. Then again, he does have a very distinctive speaking voice.
nineteenthly, Aug 14 2009

       It is a "let's all", but not in the sense that would make it an MFD. The "let's all" clause, as I understand it, is designed to eliminate the potential of a million ideas that are of the order "Let's all paint one tooth blue" etc etc. There is no end to the "Let's all" sequence. This is what makes it a line of least resistance for ideas, but then I'm not one of the moderators, so actually I don't know.   

       The David Bowie idea does have originality, even though I would gladly use his stupid head as a singing toilet brush, that would continue to blubber even when it's on the wrong side of the "S" bend. (another idea I don't need to post now)
xenzag, Aug 14 2009

       While I like the idea, it is a "Lets All".   

       Simple test:
Put "Lets All" infront of the idea title
Does it make sense and still have the same context?

miasere, Aug 14 2009

       Ooh, ooh! A rules query! Hoorah!

Let's see what it says in the help file eh?

let's all ... - the author wants something some people are already doing [using David Bowie to voiceover adverts] to be more widely practiced [David Bowie To Voice-Over All Telly And Radio Adverts], but doesn't provide a novel idea, invention or mechanism to allow it to be more widely practiced."

I think it's a pretty clear 'lets all...' really. Anyway, adverts are boring. Get rid of them altogether I say and bring on the new dark age. I'm afraid that I second the m-f-d, Mr Tindale. And I'm going to give you a fishbone into the bargain. Take that, sir!
DrBob, Aug 14 2009

       //something some people are already doing//   

       Is this true? There's the Vittel ad, but David Bowie isn't doing any voice over. Are there others?
shudderprose, Aug 14 2009

       Are there any ads with Bowie connections, and if so what kind? For instance, ads for his music, ads voiced by him, voices using themes from his songs.
nineteenthly, Aug 14 2009

       if I post the idea that everybody in the world should gather at a particular spot and jump up and down for the purpose of getting the Earth to oscillate in an interesting way, that does not make it a "letsall".
FlyingToaster, Aug 14 2009

       Funny that, i was just wondering if "International Boing" counted as a "Let's All" in the context of this idea.
nineteenthly, Aug 14 2009

       David Bowie has never been in an advert, as far as I know. Or at least, I've never heard him in one.
Ian Tindale, Aug 14 2009

       In fact, I read this as rather opposite to the idea of the "let's all". It's more like, let's not - as in, let's not do advert voice-overs and instead get Bowie to do them.
tatterdemalion, Aug 14 2009

       If we're handing the disembodied voice over to just one man shirley it must be Morgan Freeman?
Germanicus, Aug 14 2009

       // David Bowie has never been in an advert, as far as I know.   

       I've linked to one that he acts in as the main protagonist. (There are two other easily found ones, one in the eighties for Pepsi, and one really weird one for a Japanese Sake.)
jutta, Aug 14 2009

       He could do a great ad for reactive lens spectacles... Where only one lens ch-ch-ch-changes
Dub, Aug 14 2009

       Like it or not, for a four word idea this has generated a lot of interest.
wagster, Aug 14 2009

       It's NOT a 'let's all'. This is an idea for a systematic redistribution of talent in the advertising industry, Similar to any legitimate idea involving infrastructural changes in society, politics, etc. It is novel, since nobody has ever had ubiquitous control of advertising except for, maybe, TimeWarner, and it is a new invention, because advertising has never been executed in such a way. That's all there is to it. The idea could realistically be executed by Bowie himself and a few legislators. It's up to you whether you will watch it or not.   

       If the idea was for an automatic generator that you hook up to your TV to convert all speech into Bowiespeak, that would also *not* be a let's all. Though, if there were a sliding scale, then this would be further from MFD than the original.   

       if the idea was for everyone to listen to david bowie during commercial breaks, then it would be a let's all, since there is no novel idea or invention.   

       However, this may be listed as [mfd] magic, because there is no mention of how to lure bowie towards such a task, nor mention of how the advertising companies would equally be intrigued.   

       This is not an argument, this is over! <patiently waits for more backlash>
daseva, Aug 14 2009

       "That's not an argument, it's simply disagreement!"   

       "No it isn't."
normzone, Aug 14 2009

       //there is no mention of how to lure bowie towards such a task//

Use a doughnut tied to a fishing line.
DrBob, Aug 17 2009

       I fear that David Bowie would be prohibited from advertising financial services because of a 'conflict of interest' with the promotion of his own "Bowie Bonds" (see link).
hippo, Aug 17 2009

       coprocephalous has posted a youtube video of the perfect day video. At 1:58 in, there's a camera. It's (I believe) a Contax T-VS. I had one of those for a short while, just over a decade ago. It would've been a longer while if the bloody thing hadn't simply fallen apart in my hands one morning.
Ian Tindale, Aug 17 2009

       //(I believe) a Contax T-VS.// I do believe you're right - I had it for a Canon G2, but now you mention it...I'll get me anorak.
coprocephalous, Aug 17 2009

       Gah! Too late. And as if to join in, all clickable urls have turned to link rot — the fate of all links. On the other hand, new urls are born each day and some of those may go on to achieve heights of inspiration and influence. Not all, though. In fact, most won’t. The normal will be to struggle in mediocrity. The popular url is the exception, and statistically insignificant.
Ian Tindale, Mar 16 2016

       We're doing some work with URIs, which look a lot like URLs, only they may, or may not point to an actual resource. Oddly enough, we're also tracking their popularity, despite some of them being only conceptual landmarks without any substance whatsoever.
zen_tom, Mar 16 2016


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