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Use your smartphone to keep doors open

A great use for aging phones.
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Door stops are great - they stop doors from slamming into walls and other unintended targets in their arc. Think how much better it would be if the door didn't bounce straight off the little rubber cylinder.

Years ago, I had a TI99 calculator sitting near the doorstop so that the door would ride up onto it, pressing it into the carpet and creating friction to ensure a non-return bounce from the doorstop.

Times have changed since the TI99 was released, we now have smartphones !

The linked table* shows what smartphones are suitable for which carpet/door clearances.

* There is no linked table.

bigsleep, Apr 26 2017


       If it is too fat for the space, you can hit it a bit with a hammer.
pocmloc, Apr 26 2017

       I am so relieved this was not a smart house idea.
beanangel, Apr 26 2017

       One day, some extraterrestrial is going to land, take a look at the wantonness with which we throw away pieces of technology in exchange for newer and shinier ones, and be very disappointed with humanity. We will, of course, tell him to fuck off.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 26 2017

       Yeah, they'll be prepared to offer tech, like shiny beads to the primitives, but when they see how we treat it I don't know how they'll respond.
normzone, Apr 26 2017


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