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VR Dinner Dates

Dine together apart
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The service is a takeaway that delivers a ready-to-go virtual experience. Booking requires a few high quality photographs of yourself and your date, a hefty deposit and choice of food, dining location and ambient sounds.

While your food is readied, your photographs are number-crunched so a 3D avatar of yourselves is ready to go as soon as you put the VR headset on. The headset is of the augmented reality type which allows real-world bleed-through. I don't know if it exists, but the bleed-through could be attenuated when the gaze is lifted from your real world plate.

Ding dong.

"Hello Sir. Beef bourguignon on a warm rainy night with views of the Eiffel Tower ?"
"Here's your food and headset. Your date is getting her headset right now as well."

bigsleep, Apr 17 2021

Drones build a bridge https://www.youtube...watch?v=DcuwCtDgVr0
[beanangel, Apr 23 2021]


       [+] for 3D avatar based on real people, food worth sharing, and locations not normally found within driving distance.   

       Does the headset rental include (Starlink?) satellite internet service for the duration? Corollary question: do you deliver to the Arctic?   

       Side note: HB ideas regularly escape into the wild to become fluffy and crispy. Do we know if Elon lurks on the HB?
Sgt Teacup, Apr 17 2021

       I would be really surprised if he does. The man has ten ideas every time he farts. He wouldn't be able to resist posting some of them.
Voice, Apr 18 2021

       I'm voting [sninctown] as most likely to be Elon.
Voice, Apr 18 2021

       Thanks for the kind words, but I am not Elon.   

       Actually I've thought some about where my life diverged compared to his; there are a few similarities but I never was able to set up a working compiler as a kid, and I spent more time not studying in college, and it seemed people expected me to get a normal job. I have a vision of the way of being which Elon is, and in one of his interviews he said "you don't want to be me"...   

       I think there remains an opportunity for fully automated self- repairing aerospace manufacturing, or at least I have a vague dream of a system that would allow me to own and maintain a jet aircraft without needing to own a bunch of stock / financialized working human relationships to maintain it for me. But, this idea isn't even halfbaked; it's more of a winbi vehicle maintenance was fully automated by software and robotics. Feasible technically; highly dubious economically.   

       Also from my unorthodox reading of history I worry that Elon is not paranoid enough and is setting himself up to get Titanic'd in space as soon as the Mars colony shows a glimmer of self-sufficiency to the terrestrial investors whose spreadsheet dreams include conquering only this piece of earth, not the totality of the uncounted trillions of Earth planets which orbit distant stars, estimated to be more numerous today than a reasonable estimate for the number of people who will ever live on Earth in all of its history before it is consumed by the aging Sun. If Elon is reading this, I would hope he owns a nuke like Raven's sidecar in "Snow Crash" so he can avoid going the way of that small plane in 2010 and then having SpaceX go the way of PayPal. If rich investors are reading this, I would urge them to think about exponential growth on a galactic scale and to add prize money to [MB]'s N-prize for the first amateur-budget rocket to orbit.
sninctown, Apr 18 2021

       About this idea, have a [+] in anticipation of the day that the avatar selectively edits my conversation in addition to my appearance.
sninctown, Apr 18 2021

       Could the headset not include electrodes that clip onto your tongue? That would save having to have the food delivery part of the idea and would save money.
pocmloc, Apr 18 2021

       //Does the headset rental include (Starlink?)//   

       I think we'd have to settle for a Quickstart leaflet to add to your own wifi, although rooftop Starlink ninja's has its appeal.   

       // That would save having to have the food delivery part of the idea//   

       The original version had two robots with screens for faces actually sitting in your favourite restaurant. Food would be delivered to the table and just sit there going cold while you and your date had a rather sad video call.
bigsleep, Apr 18 2021

       [bigs] you could make that work if you did it regularly, the food could be served, and then the plate could be frozen and delivered to your freezer. A week later you meet again and order the same dish. A fresh one is presented to the robot avatars and the frozen one is thawed and reheated for you to have at home at the same time. Or you could just pop a nutrition pill like in those 1950s utopias.
pocmloc, Apr 18 2021

       [pomloc] the meals, frozen after the dinner and then shipped to the people on the date, where the meal receives then, thaws, and then enjoys the actual food brings something to [bigsleeps idea].   

       It at least possibly partially augments the amount of experiencing and pondering your date to 114% of [biglseeps] idea. Another similar thing exists. The chatgirls online that sell their used panties to people that watch them utilize them in sex chat are related and very successful similar economic art.   

       Also it could make for very animated VR dating where people pick things up off the table and try to do groovy things with them, like dip the ice cream cone in the cereal of better. Then when the person got the cereal they might remember the delight they experienced at the thrilling action.
beanangel, Apr 23 2021

       [snictown] I think there could be a technology race that makes your alleged "WIBNI" possible (in a good way). 3D printers could print legos (etc), and then drones could fly them into position building the plane piece by piece, that printed parts and drone assembly technology in some form is I think likely to come into existence; it is in a beneficial race with something, it's strange I just spontaneously forgot what. Anyway I think someone will think of what just got spontaneously already got forgotten and I think is likely to occur.   

       Perhaps I shouldn't say "alleged WIBNI", it would actually be nice and useful.
beanangel, Apr 23 2021

       [snictown] I remembered the technology that is likely in an effectiveness race to build your airplanes. It is so well known I would believe an actual million or more people already take it for granted: The drones just build a plane, without legos. They synchronize to lift things and do stuff. Here's a great video [link] where drones fly in formation to build a bridge. So its race between 3d printed legos and just constructor drones. Drones are of course those little to big flying machines.
beanangel, Apr 23 2021

       Thanks [bean], I like the video of the rope bridge building. I could imagine drones building a plane, or better yet floor-mounted drones. In practice I think it's cheaper to hire people instead, since apparently it's hard to program the drones to do anything useful. For now.
sninctown, Apr 23 2021

       //"Hello Sir. Beef bourguignon on a warm rainy night with views of the Eiffel Tower ?"//   

       "Welcome Madame, may I introduce Sir Beef Bourguignon, Grand Earl of Raxalon Prime?" intoned the waiter, leading Tremanione through the bustle of interplanetary dignitaries.   

       She rehearsed the agreed phrase in her head, hoping she'd get it right. That he'd recognise her for a member of the underground, that he really was the mysterious Contact X, and not an agent of the Spraaaag. A cold chill ran down her spine at this last, could all this have been for nothing?   

       The gondola was protected from the worst of the elements, being slung beneath the taught envelope of of the airship - but still the air was heavy with condensation. Below, ancient Paris hummed with the accumulated energy of its past, resting now, but vital and seemingly primed for an opportunity to strike back at its oppressors.   

       The crowd parted suddenly and there he was, looming in front of her, his moustache tips haloed in the candlelight, and chest bristling with the medals and finery of an unrivalled and brutal military career.   

       "His Excellency, Sir Beef Bourguingon." the waiter bowed slightly.   

       Carefully, she recited the words. "Hello Sir Beef Bourguingon. Here we are, on a warm rainy night, with views of the Eiffel Tower.", watching intently for any betrayal of reaction....
zen_tom, Apr 23 2021


       Oh dear.
pertinax, Apr 23 2021

       From nowhere, a grey-suited cyborg materialised, from its eye a green laser beamed across the assembled crowd.   

       "Resistance is futile, we are the Borg"   

       It was a member of the faction from sector BF - and by the looks of it, this unit had been modified for specific duties.   

       "My designation is In-Jong, you will be assimilated" the cyborg annunciated.   

       Oh, no! A murmur shuddered through the crowd, it was BF Borg In-Jong!
zen_tom, Apr 23 2021

       Excellent recovery, [zen_tom]. :-)
pertinax, Apr 23 2021

       Is that connected to beef burgers?
pocmloc, Apr 23 2021

       Wow, the comments are something, indeed. Also, love the idea even though I'm married. Ha.
blissmiss, Apr 23 2021

       //"His Excellency, Sir Beef Bourguingon." the waiter bowed slightly.//   

       Go on, admit it. This idea is not only good but allows for a lot of sci-fi fun to boeuf.   

       Would sir like a croissant with butter and apricot jam ?
bigsleep, Apr 23 2021

       //Is that connected to beef burgers?//   

       Only to the extent that Burgundy is connected to Hamburg.
pertinax, Apr 24 2021

       No that's hamburgers. I'm asking about beefburgers. Unless you're thinking of ham bourguignon?
pocmloc, Apr 24 2021


       It's a bit of a mouthful so domestically it is now the dish called "beef ba-doing!"
bigsleep, Apr 24 2021


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