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Vehicle to Vehicle Micro-transmitters

Networked commute communications
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Micro-transmitters of limited range, broadcast vehicle information to other vehicles in the vicinity. Information such as a vehicle's braking distance, location, proximity, weight, even cargo (flammable, gravel, baby on board, etc.), could be broadcast to other vehicles for processing by a computer to alert drivers of a possible need to modify their driving behavior. Several in-dash/on-steering-wheel buttons can be programmed for user-defined broadcasting of "Caution ahead", "Move over", "Back off", "Something is wrong with your car", etc.
LimpNotes, Mar 12 2016

Inspired by Lamp_20failure_20warning
[LimpNotes, Mar 12 2016]


       "Hang up and drive"? Bun! +
whatrock, Mar 12 2016

       //a vehicle's breaking distance// I once had an old Vauxhall Cavalier that would break about every 120 miles.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2016

       Thanks for pointing out the error [Maxwell]. Fixed!
LimpNotes, Mar 14 2016


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