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Virtual Cars

Doesn’t actually exist
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As I’ve pointed out (to almost everyone I’ve ever met in the past several decades) I hate cars, I don’t drive and I have almost nothing to do with the things whatsoever. I always used to say “Cars kill people slowly and sometimes quickly.” but now some of them are electric, and tomorrow’s world will bring networked AI driverless cars, I can’t even use that as my catchphrase anymore.

Therefore I thought I’d invent the virtual car. It is intelligent and driverless and networked and all the things we’ve been reading about in recent years. Except that it doesn’t physically exist as a big bulky dangerous expensive space- consuming lump of machinery.

The virtual car looks, acts and feels like a conventional driverless car in use, so that the people get in and get to where they’re going, remaining in full ownership of their brain and conscious mind (unlike an old-school type of car driver, who had to devote a lot of expensive brain time and energy to the mere act of driving — I wonder if people who commute by tube are smarter than drivers because they own their attention during the journey and can therefore sleep or watch a film on their tablet. Oh wait, never mind).

At the end of the journey, the virtual car switches off any of the visual projectors and baffles that make it all look like one contiguous huge unit, and the components of the “car” go their separate ways to individually recharge and later some may regroup independently to go toward forming the next car.

There would be storage advantages, maintenance advantages, logistics advantages. In the case of a crash, it’s already in pieces, held together with nothing more than music and holography.

--> Just to clarify, this is a thing that actually physically takes you from somewhere to somewhere else. Except that it’s not a thing, well, not a single big thing like a car. It’s an assemblage of whatever is needed to move a person or persons and luggage or whatever people take with them in cars and vehicles all in concert. It gives the impression of being a single vehicle, but it isn’t necessarily. If you like, imagine it (it isn’t) is just a few skateboards, or hoverboards, operating at various heights, all synced together, plus holographic 3D projections of the frame, skin, interior, exterior of the car. Off it goes, giving the impression of being a single entity. When you step out, the projection switches off, the hoverboards all go off to charge, or to wherever they’re needed next. Obviously, hoverboards don’t actually exist outside of the film ‘Buck- tooth Futura II’, so in reality we’d use gravity inversion plane generators or something like that.

Ian Tindale, Jun 23 2015

Portal http://www.witchboy.../2007/11/portal.jpg
Perhaps you would prefer one of these. [Vernon, Jun 24 2015]


       Yeah, but then afterwards you still have to wait for bus to get where you need to be.   

       I have never (to be honest) quite understood how anyone can not think that the idea of having your very own personal machine that can take you more- or-less anywhere, whenever you want to go there, cheaply and comfortably is absolutely brilliant.   

       Cars kill some people, but living kills many more.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 23 2015

       The post seems a bit virtual in itself : Is this where everybody gets on the bus, puts on VR headsets, and pretend to drive themselves to work ? Bun.
FlyingToaster, Jun 23 2015

       I think it's a virtual car simulation game that you play while you're sitting in your automatic driverless car while it's taking you to wherever you want to go.
hippo, Jun 24 2015

       No, that’s a ‘destination’ VR game, which simulates the environment and people and actions that are expected to occur upon reaching your destination (or “destination”). You step outside the “car” when you “arrive” and conduct your affairs, go in to buildings, shops, offices, interact with people, engage in intercourse, transact, etc. All of it is simulated (or “simulated”). Then you get back in the “car” (or at least, you think you do…
Ian Tindale, Jun 24 2015

       How do you know this isn't already baked? It's possible that you have been despising virtual cars for the last few decades.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 24 2015

       Virtual car insurance for these would make a mint at any price.
4and20, Jun 24 2015

       What would we do with all the existing gas stations? There's one on every corner.
blissmiss, Jun 24 2015

       Not *every* corner
hippo, Jun 24 2015

       I voted for this because it seems to be going somewhere.
dentworth, Jun 24 2015

       I have voted for this, but only virtually.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 24 2015


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