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Wankel Melon Engine

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Based on the unique resonance pattern of ripe melons, this engine amplifies the thump pattern of several melons tumbling around in a specifically sized epitrochoid chamber. The powerful resonant effects are collected in an acoustic parabolic waveguide mounted in the stereo triangle apex, to drive a spring- powered set of mirrors, which enable a hologram to give the impression of great speed of motion.
Ian Tindale, Sep 12 2005

Epitrochoid http://www.math.hmc...es/epitrochoid.html
Holy spirograph Batman! Epitrochoid is a real word! [wagster, Sep 13 2005]


       That's ridiculous, even for here!
wagster, Sep 12 2005

       Is this "what the others don't have"?
reensure, Sep 12 2005

       Congratulations! You're ready to write your dissertation. Tenure can't be far off!
crater, Sep 12 2005

       Bunsen Honeydew, I presume?
hippo, Sep 12 2005

       Trisociation? Must be a genius.
Dub, Sep 12 2005

       Ah, but this design harnesses the negative harmonics.
Ian Tindale, Sep 12 2005

       But the phase man! Think about the phase!
Dub, Sep 12 2005

       [Dub] And the amplitude modulation! Dont forget that too. The epitrochoid chamber would have to be perfect if you didnt want it to juice itself immediately. It should work if it were though.
Parmenides, Sep 12 2005

       My dear [Pa've], the Melon Pressure Relief Valves (MPRV) of which you speak, have you considered a colour or texture of these devices? I feel it is important that you should.   

       The merest operating parameters of such devices implies that they should be of a moderate perhaps pastel or even flesh-tone colouration; whilst the massive angular velocities involved suggests that the thelia should be of some form of knobbly material - Perhaps resembling traditional organ stops?   

       Finally, a soapy lubricant may facilitate the unit's rotation, also.
Dub, Sep 13 2005

       [Pa've] Stainless steel, you say? Hmm, well, that might work too. But it would have to be of the surgical variety.
Dub, Sep 13 2005

       Does this include a "two cups of coffee" option?
blissmiss, Sep 13 2005

       On Tuesdays, yes.
Ian Tindale, Sep 13 2005

       D-dum tishhh! "Ay pang yew, ay pang yew..."
wagster, Sep 13 2005

       I'm quite sure that Sigmund would have been interested in this thread.
Parmenides, Sep 13 2005

       This is a terriffic idea. I don't think it will be a big hit in Selma or East St. Louis or Detroit, however.
Blisterbob, Sep 13 2005

       That's right! Internal combustion melons only! Wankel melons are unsafe any supermarket.
RayfordSteele, Sep 13 2005

       Is there a cliff notes version of this idea, by any chance?
Zimmy, Sep 14 2005

       I'm always disappointed by the word Wankel.
squeak, Sep 14 2005

       Why? It's just a family name, of German origin. Nothing special about it, and nothing unusual in any way.
Ian Tindale, Sep 14 2005

       It's just one of theose words that your brain always tells you should mean something else. Like "penalise".
squeak, Sep 14 2005

       I can't hear the word 'ratify' in a serious context without imagining a scene where people in lab-coats audaciously release a cage full of rats onto the topic in question, resulting in gnawing.
Ian Tindale, Sep 14 2005

       Google Images Still doesn't come up with the intended image when I search for Steely Dan.
Dub, Sep 14 2005

       But there are a great many mental images on Google! :) E.g. Just type the words //hamster// and //ferrari// into Google Images... There, that's pretty mental.
Dub, Sep 15 2005

       So...you'll know which ones are ripe?   

       [hippo] - whatever do you mean?
BunsenHoneydew, Sep 15 2005

       ah ha! [UnaBubba]'s back.   

       Excellent idea [ian], one of the best melon:rotary piston based ideas on the 'bakery.
jonthegeologist, Sep 15 2005


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