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Web Displacement Activity Sequencer

Make your displacement activity on the web more efficient by automatically sequencing the stereotypical cycle of site visits.
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Imagine an add-on to your browser that can accept the addition of a series of web sites, that you frequently visit. Normally, you'd perhaps expect frequently visited sites to be stored in some menu or list or other organisational structure.

No, we're taking it one active ingredient further - we're adding a temporal sequence driver. We're going to push you through your normal quota of timewasting sites, and then we're going to thrust you through them again and again and again. You know, just like you normally do to yourself, so this'll save you a bit of effort.

The sequence can be a straightforward list, or it might be able to be conditional and loopable by interaction with the pages themselves, so that once you perform a set of expected actions the workflow driver will swap the window content into the next site on the list (nicely preloaded and warmed for you). Then when you've matched your habitual set of stereotyping behaviours reminiscent of a polar bear in a bad zoo, it shunts you onto the next morsel of work avoidance.

The thing is, this effectively replaces tabs. Instead of fanning out an array of parallel tabs, this encourages you to stay in one tab and cycle your way through the diversions and divergences so that you're actually pushing into the z-plane rather than dotting about along the x-axis all the time.

Now you can avoid work all the more efficiently.

Ian Tindale, Jun 27 2008

URL slide show URL_20slide_20show#1214337558
[xaviergisz, Jun 29 2008]


       probably very easily doable, but I go through the same 20 or sites once or twice a day so [+]
FlyingToaster, Jun 27 2008

       It sounds a bit like a rolodex to me.
nineteenthly, Jun 27 2008

       //Now you can avoid work all the more efficiently.// Much needed. [+]
pertinax, Jun 28 2008


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