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Whole mouth water flosser

Not a toothbrush or conventional flosser
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A dentist takes a full impression of your uppers and lowers. Each is then 3d scanned and printed to make a mouthpiece full of tiny internal channels. This could be built as a single unit covering both uppers and lowers, or two separate ones. It would attach to a pump to shoot water into the spaces between teeth and into the gingival sulcus all at once. This could be a steady stream but a pulsating jet would be more effective.

As a safety feature and to avoid making a mess, it would have a pressure sensor to turn off the pump if the mouthpiece wasn't properly in place. Similarly, the mouthpiece would have an internal drainage channel (optionally connected to a length of tubing) so used water could be directed into the sink instead of getting sprayed on the bathroom mirror, dribbled down your chin, or swallowed.

a1, Sep 07 2021


       And Borg technology begins. How about a scifi skin and green fluid LED? Might be a demographic.
wjt, Sep 08 2021

       +I could use this as I have never mastered the regular water pic!
xandram, Sep 09 2021

       Having acquired, mastered, and eventually lost interest in the tooth pressure washer referenced by [xandram], I do like this idea.   

       You may want to have it function in selectable zones also, as it could be overwhelming to have it run all at once.
normzone, Sep 09 2021


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