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Windows Stop Menu

Taskbar button on opposite end from Start menu
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Old joke - It's silly for the Windows *shutdown* command to be on the *Start*" menu - and here we are...

Every stop/quit/shutdown/negative commands in Windows should be consolidated in a Stop button/menu on the opposite end of the task bar from where the Start button is. Not just shutting down the computer, but also closing a window, quitting a program normally or any force-quit, disabling/disconnecting a network connection or other device. All of those are done in different (and sometimes obscure) ways now, but the commands could be consolidated in the Stop menu.

a1, Oct 20 2021

How The World Was Saved https://english.lem...the-world-was-saved
“Oh yes, I know what Nothing is, and Nothingness, Nonexistence, Nonentity, Negation, Nullity and Nihility, since all these come under the heading of n, n as in Nil!” [a1, Oct 22 2021]


       I think what you're suggesting fits a programmer's model of how the computer operates (as so many things on computer UIs do...) but does not necessarily fit the user's model. So, a programmer thinks of all of those things as roughly analogous and all about the termination of small or large processes. On the other hand the use may well not think about all these things as being in the same category.
hippo, Oct 20 2021

       // The user may not think of of these as being in the same category //   

       *Nobody* thinks of operational categories except by training and exposure to design concepts. So as one learns to use Windows and has newbie questions...   

       Q: How do I shut off the computer?<
A: Click the Stop button and then Shutdown Computer

       Q: How do I close this window or document?
A: Click the Stop button, select Window List, and click the one you want you want to close.

       Q: My program (or the whole computer) stopped responding, how to I force the frozen program to quit?
A: Click the Stop button, select Programs list, and click the one that's not working

       Each of those answers use similar wording, so it will eventually sink in. New users will absorb more quickly than experienced users - but Microsoft has never been averse to making user interface change that confuse current users.   

PS: For each of the example questions above, the current answers are scattered all over the place... windows start menu, a button in the window title bar/file menu or using Alt-F4, clicking control-alt-delete and using the task manager, etc. But there's no reason those methods couldn't be left in place for old dogs who can't learn new tricks...
a1, Oct 20 2021

       The trouble is, the Q and As you propose are equally un-obvious to humans.   

       Q1. Why the "stop" button rather than the "shut off" button? Isn't that what the switch on the wall socket is for anyway?   

       Q2. What do you mean by "close"? Do I want to "close" it? I just want to come out of it. Is there an "out" button? You say I have to use the "stop" button instead? I don't want to stop it, I might lose everything I have done. I just want to come out of it.   

       Q.3 It has already stopped, is that why I chose the "stop" button? Can't I just switch it off at the wall and then back on again? That normally sorts it out.
pocmloc, Oct 20 2021

       [pocmloc], the answer for the notional user you describe is to tell them "return the computer to the store and get your money back."
a1, Oct 20 2021

       Yes I was going to return it anyway because the cupholder broke.
pocmloc, Oct 20 2021

       Windows, kind of, already has this covered. Right-clicking (i.e. the opposite of left-clicking) on the 'Start' icon brings up all those shutdown options you are wanting (via Task manager mostly). But I agree that the Task Manager could be efficientised.

But I like having multiple ways of doing something. It is one of the good things about the system. Mouse not working? Use the the keyboard shortcuts!

Anyway, fishbone from me because I hate icon proliferation!
DrBob, Oct 21 2021

       We always knew you were an iconoclast, [DrBob].
pertinax, Oct 21 2021

       // ... I like having multiple ways of doing something ... //
// ... I hate icon proliferation! //

       I sense a contradiction here. More icons and taskbar buttons == more ways to do things.
a1, Oct 21 2021

       //negative commands//   

       Negation is only self- evident given particular framing assumptions. So a collection of negative commands would only be intuitive to someone whose mental model already matched that off the software designer to some extent.   

       So, what [hippo] said, but with added references to Plato (negation is just a kind of difference - see "The Sophist"), Hegel (an opposition between a thesis and it's negation can always be subsumed into some larger scheme of thinking) and Derrida (all of language is just a system of differences - see Plato).   

       Much of software engineering, but especially systems integration, consists of a series of attempts to reinvent centuries of philosophy, by people who don't realise that this is what they're doing. Frustrated managers describe resulting failures as "technical problems".
pertinax, Oct 21 2021

       For negation, we could just ask Trurl’s machine to do nothing. (link)
a1, Oct 22 2021

       Any new system to a user has to be learnt. Preferably based on previous general knowledge but not necessary. Most playful users, just push a new button to see what's what.   

       I'm imagining a screen with a two beautiful fractals in opposing corners, one green gradients, and one red gradients (colours can be changed). A new system only has a few branches but as the installed programs and work documents grow the fractals slowly grow towards each other.   

       Of course when the fractals touch or start to overgrow each other, it's time to clean or upgrade.
wjt, Oct 22 2021

       //time to clean or upgrade//
Or change your "zoom/scale" settings...
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 25 2021


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