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Wok Bath

A wok adapter for electric hobs
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If you've ever tried to wok style cook on an electric hob then you'll know its a bit hit and miss if not dangerous. To get the pan temperature up you need to keep the ring maxed out as you regularly lift and stir the food.

Clearly some adapter is needed so that a hemispherical wok can be used on an electric hob. The solution is the Wok Bath - a stand that sits atop the electric ring into which the wok can be placed and rotated at will.

To ensure the wok is uniformly heated, the stand has a bath of mercury into which the wok is placed. The wok can now be manhandled as food is stirred and tossed in smoking oil.

Top cooking tips for chinese stir-fry using the Wok Bath -

* Chinese food is 99% preparation and 1% cooking. Prepare twice the ingredients you need and you'll have enough for a quick meal the next day or a couple of hours later.
* Do not use baking soda in the marinade. (May react to form some weird unnecessary flavour enhancer akin to MSG)
* Do not heat mercury bath above the flashpoint of cooking oil.

bigsleep, Nov 06 2017


       // into which the wok is placed //   

       Given the density of Mercury, the contact area will be small because of buoyancy.   

       May be better to use a temperature -stable semi-synthetic hydrocarbon, such as transformer oil.
8th of 7, Nov 07 2017

       The only part of this I really agree with is baking soda. I don't care about Maillard; it makes everyhing taste like fried baking soda.   

       As far as mercury; any time when lead becomes an acceptable substitute, you need to revisit the basics.
mylodon, Nov 07 2017


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