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Wrist Toaster

For those people that insist on walking onto trains carrying a cup of coffee lest they not survive the next 20 mins of transit.
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A full-sized toaster, capable of toasting two slices of bread, mounted on a wrist strap, that can accommodate a wrist.

Simply wander aimlessly onto your train, coffee in one hand, and butter knife in the other. Sit down, precariously wavering your coffee cup. Extract a couple of slices of bread from about your person. Insert slices into toaster, and plug toaster into mains. Set the controls for desired output. Upon toast popping up, simply butter and eat at your leisure.

Coming soon: the Pocket Shitter - for anything else you might have not managed to finish of a morning, whilst you were in the comfort of your own home.

Ian Tindale, Sep 15 2005

Toaster plus power source http://www.bathyfor...B/backpacktoast.htm
Power hungry things, toasters, you might need something like this... [moomintroll, Sep 15 2005]

Violas: Said to be Invented in Italy http://www.bartruff.com/violas.html
And Voila (originally) from the Latin "Videre" via "Voir la"? So it looks like the Italians have this in the bag. [Ling, Sep 16 2005]

Survive Toilet nantoka http://www.facebook...0232&type=1&theater
[not_morrison_rm, May 09 2012]


       Rough commute, huh? I would have thought a (breast) pocket toaster a more convenient form factor.   

       But sorry, I already did the Pocket Shitter (I called it something else, though).
DrCurry, Sep 15 2005

       wish I weren't so tired - but a writ toaster sounds like a fantastic echo...
po, Sep 15 2005

       You might possibly want to sober up first...
DrCurry, Sep 15 2005

       You know me so swell... :)
po, Sep 15 2005

       Try this: insert 2 slices of bread between your butt cheeks, sit for 5 minutes, break wind whilst removing them and - viola! You have French toast.
Dasher, Sep 16 2005

       Sounds like the Dutch Toast recipe to me [Dasher].
ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 16 2005

       Dasher: I tried your french toast idea this morning for my girlfriend's birthday - as a cheap alternative to what can often be a laborsome breakfast routine. After considerable embarrassment I must conclude that this does not in fact work and i must also warn any others out there who may feel tempted to try this.
benfrost, Sep 16 2005

       I thought french toast involved eggs.
po, Sep 16 2005

       If that's toast, I don't think I want to know about [dasher]'s technique for French kissing.
[po] Maybe you have to hold the eggs between your butt-cheeks.
<still wondering where the bowed string instrument comes in to it>
coprocephalous, Sep 16 2005

       <still wondering where the bowed string instrument comes in to it>
Actually, it's a browser. Maybe we should break wind and search the net for French toast?
Ling, Sep 16 2005

       //any others out there who may feel tempted to try this// - Thankyou for that Ben, in common with many others here, I am often tempted to shove bread up my arse. I'm very glad that you're here to help me control myself...   

       PS - [Ian] - You absolutely certain that this isn't just a rant?
wagster, Sep 16 2005

       It's an idea wrapped within a rant, wrapped inside a prophecy for a shit-based idea.   

       A portable toaster for lovely warm toast during the morning commute is a great idea. Any idea that combines part of my day with the commute means more time in bed.   

       Now inspired, I'm going to get on the train on monday with some toast. I might drop it on someone's lap - then again I might throw it in their face. I'll alight at the next stop muttering "F***ing comuters and their f***in' aimless ways - that'll teach 'em".
Jinbish, Sep 16 2005

       wagster - you're most welcome.
benfrost, Sep 17 2005

       This sounds like a rant to me... so I'm gonna rant some too.   

       The worst thing is when they're holding a steamy cup of starbucks smelly coffee.... THEY barge into YOU, then THEY expect YOU to apologise, and when you dont, THEY have the audacity to tut!!!
chocolateraindrops, Sep 17 2005

       >Coming soon: the Pocket Shitter   

       I draw your attention to the Survive Toilet Panic bag   

       Where in Mr T these days...mighty quiet or cunning ruse..who can say?
not_morrison_rm, May 09 2012

       This has given me the idea for the commuting coffee cup in the shape of a gleaming, curved 18 inch ceramic dagger, with "Audacity of Tut" pommel jewels in the shape of coffee beans. Said steaming cup would be brandished wildly but inoffensively during the commute. The owner could explain that he had to carry it with as there is no way to set it down without spilling. The difficult-to-wash dagger cup is for those who share the sentiment that dried coffee of yore adds gravitas to the new fresh brew.   

       The empty dagger cup would be tucked into one's sash for the ride home.
bungston, May 09 2012


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