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Yellow/Black Striped Laptop Power Lead & PSU

Yellow and black diagonal striped pattern running all the way down the PSU mains cable and across the PSU block itself and up the low-voltage cable.
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For laptops*, their PSU seems to be positioned in the middle of the cable and the cable and PSU itself seem to be black.

My idea is to make the cable (both the thick one and the thin one) and the PSU block itself a vivid yellow and black alternating diagonal stripe pattern.

This will a] help visibility, possibly preventing a trip hazard, and b] encourage people to tuck the cabling somewhere tidy, as it would look messy dangling across the floor like that, and nobody would want to tolerate that - unless the carpet is the same pattern.

* other than proper Apple MacBooks - which is ironic, as the others don't tend to have Magsafe connectors like MacBooks have.

Ian Tindale, Apr 23 2009

Black and yellow diagonal warning stripes http://www.istockph...61086&refnum=782833
(iStock photo) [Ian Tindale, Apr 23 2009]

The_20Plug_20Upholstery_20Service call in the experts! [xenzag, Apr 24 2009]


       A very thin stripey cable might not be visible enough and, as suggested, this doesn't solve the issue for the stripy yellow-and-black carpet owning demographic. How about a power cable with integrated fairy lights?
hippo, Apr 23 2009

       Maybe it could hiss when it thinks someone is about to trip over it? After all it would be marked up as a snake.
Aristotle, Apr 23 2009

       //Mac's cableless power over Wifi.//
I was R&D for that - Cynical Testing dept. Doesn't work y'know. Not on Friday. You want it WHEN??
gnomethang, Apr 23 2009

       Searching a bit on google? That's a wild idea - I honestly never thought of that. I can almost see how that could affect the results of my internet research - I might even try that one day.   

       It's not about the colour, obviously. It's about the hazard warning pattern. It's the fat diagonal black/yellow stripe pattern.
Ian Tindale, Apr 23 2009

       Slide on short sections of yellow heat-shink tubing on to a black cable, and shrink 'em in place.
coprocephalous, Apr 24 2009

       Well, yes, and also keep a cow instead of buying milk in shops. Simply grow your own potatoes instead of going to the chip shop (unless you're after a saveloy too). Merely rearrange small n-doped and p-doped areas of silicon on a silicon wafer substrate to create your own quad-core cpu to assemble your own rather spiffy laptop.
Ian Tindale, Apr 24 2009

       Rather than making the insulation into a warning pattern, if you removed the insulation completely then at least people would only trip over it once.
hippo, Apr 24 2009

       ...or even better, turn the power lead into a Warning Theremin. Get the transformer to modulate the power signal with a weak RF signal, add some Theremin stuff and hey presto! It could then be set up to auto-adjust to silence but for the eerie sound to start up when someone aproaches the power lead.
hippo, Apr 24 2009

       Nice work, Ian. I like it.   

       ** laptops (other than MacBooks) have the transformer in the centre simply because the cable with the power plug on it (the detachable one) is often the standard two-pin configuration. This cable can be any length (indeed, I've cut one to be a couple of inches to minimise overall length) so the manufacturer of the transformer has to go with a reasonable length cable from laptop to allow for any length of secondary cable. MacBooks don't have this dilemma because they're all bloody proprietary (although well designed).
Jinbish, Apr 24 2009

       [hippo] Ah, safety via evolution ...
Aristotle, Apr 24 2009

       Yellow and black striped snakes, or yellow snakes and black snakes intertwined?
hippo, Apr 24 2009

       Or longitudinally excessive, flat wasps.
Ian Tindale, Apr 24 2009

       The yellow and black pattern on wasps, it turns out, are an energy plant. The black/brown sections actually contain a series of minute grooves which split light beams, and the yellow sections contain minute depressions which capture beams and a chemical called xanthopterin performs electrical energy conversion.
Ian Tindale, Jun 22 2017

       Electric wasps ? Whatever next ...   

       At last, a justification for our pastime of catching wasps, impaling them on needles, and watching them wiggle.
8th of 7, Jun 22 2017

       Hey, [Ian], I thought complex bullshitting was my department?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 22 2017


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