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Zero-privacy cellphone zone

When you're in public, you have no privacy.
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Some people talk on their cellphone while riding on buses and trains. As annoying as they can be, THEY often get annoyed themselves if anyone around them appears to be listening to - or even comments on - their conversation.

Carry this to the extreme to get people to NOT use their cellphone on public transit. Coaches could be outfitted with a sensitive microphone, a light, and a speaker above each seat. As soon as someone starts talking on their cellphone, the light would start blinking, the microphone would pick up both sides of the conversation, and the overhead speaker would broadcast the conversation for all to hear.

Most people would get flustered and hang up immediately. Those who insisted on carrying on would quickly find it impossible due to the feedback - and dirty looks from other commuters - and hang up anyway.

The driver/conductor could disable the system in case an emergency arose requiring the use of a cellphone.

a1, Oct 06 2021

Dom Jolly on his big phone https://www.youtube...watch?v=27aVPqpnL7Y
"Hello? What? No! I'm on the bus!" [zen_tom, Oct 07 2021]


       Hello? Can you hear me? Yes I'm on the halfbakery, its quite quiet at the moment... no its fine... yes... yes... No nothing any good.... No I wouldn't go that far! But its still a bit... you know.... Oh him? Yes completely! I mean... what? No! Don't be rediculous! ... Oh OK I suppose so. Did you see, no wait there's someone coming, I'd better pretend to be thinking up something useful or witty. See you later, by-ee
pocmloc, Oct 07 2021

       //Don't be rediculous!// <everyone else on the bus>"Do you mean *ridiculous*, perhaps?"</eeotb>
hippo, Oct 07 2021

       No, why? <hard stare>
pocmloc, Oct 07 2021


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