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cloudsuck alarm

an alarm to warn of imminent cloudsuck
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a small but loud beeper, which reacts to, and is set off by near yet safe proximity to, the chaotic electrical currents normally found inside thunderclouds. The 'Thunderbleeper' is small and lightweight, and can be safely be attached to your paraglider without hindering it, so that when you are gliding under low-hanging thunderclouds you can know when to drop altitude to prevent being sucked up into the cloud and thrown about by the electrical storm within, saving you a lot of possible bone breakage, and even your life.

In memory of Bruce, the bronze-sculptor who died by cloudsuck a few years back in the KwazuluNatal midlands.

(This could also have a digital application. A loud beeper attached to your online device, to tell you when you are about to become too absorbed in the internet to extricate yourself in time to answer the doorbell/take a pot off the stove/feed the puppy/stop the baby eating things out of the dog's bowl, go to the toilet, get to work on time...etc etc.

Of course, this could be achieved using a simple timer device. But perhaps an app could be designed to record one's online wordcount, and when it reaches a suitable maximum, say of 250 words, the timer could go off with a song, like You Talk Too much by...ooops! there goes my alarm...)

Edie, Mar 12 2018


       yay i got a croissant for my tea!
Edie, Mar 12 2018

       Bun from me for finding a term that is a real phenomenon in two completely different usages.   

       I never knew storms could suck so hard...
RayfordSteele, Mar 12 2018

       A multiband AM receiver with quadrature antennae could do this.   

       Fitting the antennae at the "four corners" of the glider would give improved accuracy.   

       The system could therefore give a vector and an approximate range.   

       However, flying anything smaller than a C-130 in the vicinity of Cu-Nim is Not Recommended and even then the instructions for cloud penetration basically read "Don't".
8th of 7, Mar 12 2018

       The alarm for getting too close to a thundercloud could consist of a bright flash of light followed by a loud bang. A further enhancement would be reducing the interval between the flashing light and the noise as you get closer and closer to the danger zone.
AusCan531, Mar 12 2018

       I think it would be more effective to have a 4m parabolic dish mounted on the glider backpack, preferably on an arm so that it can be pointed upwards. Then you want a valve- based heterodyning detector/amplifier running off a battery - a standard car battery would be fine, and preferably a backup as well. That would pretty much ensure you never got cloudsucked.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2018

       tongue tied and twisted, just an earthbound misfit, I.
Edie, Mar 18 2018

       //tongue tied and twisted//   

       Good album.
bigsleep, Mar 18 2018


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